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armandolio 08-07-2011 01:26 PM

Biscayne Bay Anchorages
Would like some suggestions of anchorages in Biscayne Bay. Will be leaving for occassional overnight trips out of Coconut Grove. Would like to head south, overnight, and return following day.

I know about No Name Harbor. What others can folks recommend for 5' draft.


landmineop 08-07-2011 02:06 PM

Check out ActiveCaptain and you will find all you need to know about Biscayne Bay. Good information on that site.

PorFin 08-07-2011 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by landmineop (Post 759487)
Check out ActiveCaptain and you will find all you need to know about Biscayne Bay. Good information on that site.

Second the reco above.

armandolio 08-07-2011 04:59 PM

Thanks, good site. I welcome hearing people's personal favorites.

landmineop 08-07-2011 05:15 PM

Steamboat Creek south of the Card Sound bridge tucks up close to Key Largo and is a nice quiet place to stop. Take a fishing rod with some shrimp and a popping cork on the dingy and prowl the grass flats for Spotted Seatrout. Fun to catch on light line and they taste GREAT.

night0wl 08-07-2011 09:45 PM

Off the Ragged Keys near Elliott and Boca Chita.

Very shallow in most places (less than 6 feet) but thats just to the seagrass. You have 2 feet below the segrass before bottom.

armandolio 08-12-2011 06:42 PM

I checked out a these places during an overnight trip from Miami to Key Largo. I look forward to enjoying them with more time in the future.

Any other suggestions?

landmineop 08-12-2011 06:58 PM

Get used to your boat a little more then take a little more time and go further south. Pay attention to where you are and where you can get from the oceanside to the bayside waters. They are two totally different worlds. On the bayside pay close attention to where you roam. A lot of the water is real skinny. Places to lay up from weather are limited on the oceanside. It will all depend on how much time you have to roam around.

armandolio 08-12-2011 09:36 PM

Sage advice. I intended to cross to the ocean side at Angel Fish Creeek, but changed plans as it was low tide and i cold not wait around. do you have experience with Angel Fish?
5' draft boat

landmineop 08-12-2011 09:56 PM

Low tide and a 5' draft are not something you really want to try at Angelfish. Rocky bottom will beat hell out of your keel. Just a short bit north is Broad Creek and about 7' or 8' of water. Much better outlet, deeper and wider. Be carefull where you "explore" with that 5' keel. Scout new areas with a dingy. In a lot of the Keys, 5'6" draft is starting to push things a lot. 5' isn't a whole lot better. Pay attention to your charts and you'll be fine.

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