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captainmurph 03-10-2014 08:15 AM

Fuel Tank Location - Above Carb Level?
I need to add either permanent or temporary additional fuel storage to my Cal 30 for a long trip next fall.

My existing system has the fuel tank and its outlet below the level of the carb, but the line feeds into a shut off, goes uphill to a Raccor and then downhilll to the mechanical fuel pump.

If I plumb in a two tank selector to replace the existing, connect one tank from the existing tank hose and another to the other tank, isn't it possible to have that other tank higher and be legal and safe?

It seems that the Raccor and the mechanical fuel pump would mechanically prevent a tank from gravity flooding the engine with these design lmitations. Specifically, if the fuel pump wan't operating, nothing would allow the fuel at the selector tank to go uphill to the filter and gravity drain further.

I have looked at the USCG site and ABYC regs and can't find a clear answer.

If my tank outlet can be above the level of the carb, I can either convert part of one of the quarter berths to install a permanent tank, or do the plumbing to have a couple of 12 G above deck tanks secured on the cockpit sole and plumbed the the selector?

Anyone have an answer?

S/V Amalia
1965 Cal 30
Muskegon, MI

tommays 03-14-2014 03:12 PM

Re: Fuel Tank Location - Above Carb Level?
INBOARD Gasoline tanks are required to have and anti-siphon valve

My Cal 29 A4 has no problem sucking fuel through one and it is a massive safety upgrade form hoping the carb float does not stick open :)

I will post some pictures tonight as I chose a 14 gallon tank in my refit due to nature of my boat use

I should also have a shot of how well my extra 6 gallon can stowed ABOVE DECK form last summers long trip

I am not sure how different the 29 and 30 are but that bump in the stern was almost designed to hold a jerry can safely

I don think you could get a fuel supply below and A4 carb it is so low on the motor :)

captainmurph 03-15-2014 08:29 AM

Re: Fuel Tank Location - Above Carb Level?
Wolw! I wish I could get my engine room looking like that this year but think it would be hard to do with the engine in place. I was thinking of a similar tank location as one of my options but on the starboard side. My inlet water straing is located where you have that tank. I'm curious to see what "bump" you are referring to.


tommays 03-15-2014 09:15 AM

Re: Fuel Tank Location - Above Carb Level?
If you look careful right under me on the stern is a 6 gallon fuel can sitting the space between the lazarettes

All i had to do was install two small cleats and it is out of the way and completely secure

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