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William Mahaffy 03-23-1999 07:00 PM

Procuring Med-Kit Supplies
<HTML><HTML><!-- eWebEditPro --><P>While there is no lack of information on what&nbsp;you need for the medical kit, no one seems to know how to&nbsp;procure such items.&nbsp; As we have found out,&nbsp;just telling your&nbsp;MD that you are going to be gone for a few years and you need some supplies is not an option. Any suggestions on how to go about this?</P><P>T. Lane and S. Martin</P><B><P>Reply from Bill Mahaffy:</B></P><P>You are absolutely correct that a local MD would not be inclined to donate his office supplies to a voyaging sailor. However there are a variety of services that will supply and&nbsp;re-supply the items for a medical kit. These are a-la-carte or you can order the kits prepackaged. These kits also come with a variety of prescription medications. At the most, you may need your personal MD to write some prescriptions for medications as I recommend that the drug list include items specific to you and your crew.</P><P>There are a number of companies that offer medical kits and other services. Here are two that I am aware off, and there are probably others. In Florida you can contact Yacht Safety Services at (954) 943-8853 or send an e-mail to You can also contact the Sunshine Medical Center at (954) 767-9999 or check out their Web site at .</P><P>Another company called Medical Sea Pak offers a 4-level medical kit that appears to be fairly complete. Contact them at (800) 832-6054 for a local dealer or check out its&nbsp;website at http://www.firstaidpak. com. Finally, a company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, called&nbsp;Medaire offers complete medical packs for the maritime environment. Contact them at (602) 452-4300 or see their&nbsp;website at .</P><P>Keep in mind that these kits are not cheap but you will find that they are complete, well-packaged units that will be far easier (and probably less expensive) than buying all the items separately. In addition, check with each service to see if they can send you replacement items worldwide.</P></HTML></HTML>

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