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Kathy Barron 10-13-2000 08:00 PM

The Best Tips from Women Aboard
<HTML><!-- eWebEditPro --><FONT face=Arial><P><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=right border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width=8></TD><TD vAlign=top align=left width=221><A href="/store/item.cfm?pid=10387" ><IMG height=326 src="" width=221 border=0></A></TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=2 height=8></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>From the first chapter, I knew this was a book I wanted on my bookshelf—there’s so much information that it’s not possible to remember it all. <I>The Best Tips from Women Aboard</I> edited by Maria Russell needs to become a reference for any sailor, whether they are living aboard and sailing full-time or day sailing on the weekends. In fact, just owning a boat makes this book as important as any other manual on your boat’s bookshelf.</P><I><P>The Best Tips from Women Aboard</I> represents a compilation of tips from many women with thousands of collective sea miles under their keels. The numerous tips and hints in this book go beyond the sailing community, containing thoughts from women aboard powerboats as well. The issues are the same—how to live together in close quarters is a question asked over and over again by couples wanting to cruise. <P>The first chapter addresses the problems that present themselves quickly when living together in a small environment. It deals with issues such as boating with children—their safety, entertainment, and homeschooling needs—and pets aboard</FONT><FONT face=Arial>—</FONT><FONT face=Arial>how do you train them to go on the deck? Organizing and cleaning always present special problems that come as a part of boat ownership. Then there are the galley tips, and who doesn’t need help here? There’s a section&nbsp;on basic systems and mechanics presented in a question and answer format. Guaranteed there will be guests aboard at one time or another, and there’s a section on setting rules and making the guests feel comfortable in what is probably a totally foreign environment to them. I found out I’ve not been too kind to my guests—I always assumed they would make themselves comfortable which is not always the case. <P>I’ve been a sailor for 30 years and a liveaboard for over 20, and there’s a lot in <I>The Best Tips from Women Aboard</I> that I found helpful. But the title is deceptive—this book is not just for women, but for men too. Seamanship, safety, kids, pets, and maintenance are subjects of interest to both genders, and any boater, whether male or female, should read this book. And then put it on the shelf where it can be used for reference over and over again.</P><I><P>The Best Tips from Women Aboard<BR></I>Edited by Maria Russell<BR>Published by WOMEN ABOARD<BR>Copyright 2000</P><B><P><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD height=8></TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=center><A href=""><IMG height=75 src="" width=320 border=0></A></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><P></P></B></FONT></HTML>

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