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pma_foyl 07-07-2004 01:03 PM

Racor With Too Much Water??
Someone told me that when your Racor becomes over-full with water (ie. I didn''t drain it off in time), a floating ball inside the filter automatically shuts off fuel flow (to avoid sending a ton of water into your engine) which results in a "running out of diesel" like stall.

It makes sense, but I''d never hear of this function. Can others confirm or deny this feature?? If it is true, shouldn''t my vacuum gauge have registered the interuption of fuel as a clog? How much water would it take to do this? Is it a feature on ALL Racors??? Please give me your thoughts.

boatbum 07-08-2004 09:56 AM

Racor With Too Much Water??
Well, if you are talking about the Diesel Racors, like a 500FG, I can tell you that when the are full of water and you are running, they simply start feeding water to your injectors in place of fuel. I know this, so did my checkbook. It hurt.

PaulBl 07-10-2004 11:07 AM

Racor With Too Much Water??
Been there. It does pass on through. Water will not burn in a Deisel engine. It stops pretty much as soon as it reaches the injectors<g>. You pull all the filters and re bleed the system.

This spring I had condensation and was lucky enough to drain it off on each tank in time.

elhanley 07-11-2004 01:56 PM

Racor With Too Much Water??
Check your tank regularly with Water Probe and you will not have to worry about the Racor.

Sailmc 07-12-2004 04:37 AM

Racor With Too Much Water??
What is Water Probe?

elhanley 07-12-2004 01:52 PM

Racor With Too Much Water??
It''s some brown stuff you paint on the bottom inch or so of a dip stick which you then insert to the bottom of the tank (while the boat is sitting level in still water). Any water in the bottom will turn the brown stuff red to the exact depth of the water. If it is more than 1/8th inch in an almost empty tank, I pump out the tank. flush w/ fuel, pump again, then put in clean fuel. Understand, I''ve had some rotten experiences with watery fuel.

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