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Lubrdink 07-22-2013 07:46 PM

Charles Industries C-Charger
Howdy fellow Sail-netters,
Here's hoping you might be able to answer my question about my charger which seems to have gone belly up. It's a Charles Industries C-Charger Model CI-1208A. We were on the boat last weekend and had no juice on the port battery (a recently purchased Interstate deep cell). The starboard batter was fine when the Perko was switched to it. So it was the Perko, the wiring or the battery. After doing some checking and recharging, the battery is fine and works through the Perko. So I moved to the charger. I noticed that the needle didn't move so suspected it wasn't charging. I pulled it brought it home to do some bench testing and found it was working but the output only 10.71 vdc. is putting out voltage but not enough. Would that low voltage be enough to keep it from charging the battery at all? It's original to the boat (1970 Newport 27) so no complaints if it's dead but thought I'd let you all hold forth on your thoughts if you would care to.

As always-a picture (or two) is worth 1K words.

Blessing to you all,

aa3jy 07-22-2013 08:09 PM

Re: Charles Industries C-Charger
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I just so happen to have one of these.. Came off my G-26 a number of years ago. Bought it new then. If interested PM me.

s/v 'Tango
Chester River,Md.

Lubrdink 07-29-2013 10:11 PM

Re: Charles Industries C-Charger
Well for the sake of everyone following this post, I tested the old charger under load. The Ammeter never moved (I think it's toast) and both outputs were showing 12.28 vdc (not enough, I'm thinking). The one I got from clay shows a charge on the Ammeter and show an output of 13.85 vdc.

So, put the old one on the shelf for parts and send a great big THANKS to fellow Sail Net'r Clay!

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