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frankwittosch 03-26-2001 06:47 PM

Rope clutches ???
I am installing new clutches to handle 5/16" halyards on a Frers 33. I am partial to the lewmar larger size, but they seem to rate safe working load lower than the spinlock XT model. Anyone out there have experience with either clutch??

Jeff_H 03-27-2001 03:42 AM

Rope clutches ???
I have had nothing but great results with the Spinlocks. The Lewmars are popular on race boats but I have found them a little more prone to slipage. The Spinlocks may have a little more chafe but I have gotten 15 years out of my halyards with the Spinlocks so I am not complaining.


Jeff_H 03-27-2001 03:43 AM

Rope clutches ???
Oh yeah- you may want to also look at Garhauer. They make a very well designed product that seems to be reasonably priced.

Denr 03-27-2001 11:21 AM

Rope clutches ???
Don''t even consider anything less than the best. Practical Sailor rated the Lewmars the best at minimal slipage, line chafe and the ability to bleed line through the clutch. I replaced all of the clutches on my Sabre 34 a few years ago with the Lewmars, they function perfectly, are easy on the lines and available in single, double and triple configurations.

express 03-28-2001 12:45 PM

Rope clutches ???
I have Spinlocks XTs and have found them to work well. I Like the Idea with the Spinlocks that I can replace the cams for the smaller Hi Tec line without replacing the clutch. My experience with chafe problem is I end up replacing Halyards because of problems some else other then the clutches area .Antel also make a good clutch.
Bill S

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