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Zac Penn 08-07-2013 06:35 PM

Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
Today I went to Lowes and purchased the wood I needed to make my boat stands....
4 - 4 x 4 x 8' posts
3 - 2 x 4 x 8' boards
1 - 4' x 8' x 1/2" OSB
$55 total in materials

I already had a coil nailer and some nails so that is not included in the price. I used two pieces of cardboard screwed together to get the angle for the bow, and I used a level and measuring tape to figure out the bow for the transom.

I am pretty confident that the 4x4's will be strong enough to carry the load but I will not get under the boat until I have sured everything up and shaken like crazy to make sure it isn't going anywhere. Hopefully tomorrow I will be jacking up the trailer and setting the stands under the boat. If you guys see anything that really concerns you please let me know asap so I can fix the issue before it is too late.

Oh yeah I am going to place foam on the bow stand and some spare carpeting on the transom stand so the wood/nails don't cause any issues with the fiberglass.


Barquito 08-08-2013 11:38 AM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
Just a few things about the stands: It would probably be better if the 2X4s where on top of the 4X4s. Also, not sure about how much lateral force these could take. A typical boat stand will have 3 legs that go directly to the ground. If the boat will be indoors neither would be as much of a concern.

Zac Penn 08-08-2013 08:08 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
I am not quite sure of what you mean by having the 2x4's on top of the 4x4's?
I will be bracing the two stands to each other so hopefully the lateral loads will not be an issue.

Smier 08-08-2013 08:38 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
Your stands have a flaw, the horizontal 4x4 post should rest on top of the vertical posts so that the load is transferred onto the vertical post. The way you have it in your pictures, it looks like the only thing holding the weight of the boat is the plywood supports... I would also not use the 2x4's for the base of the stands. Any twist and that 2x4 will snap under load. Your close, just needs a little tweaking. I would also add some plywood supports to your bow support. It doesn't take much to knock apart nailed 2x4's. I'll be following this thread closely, I'm restoring a starwind 22(same hull as your chrysler).

Zac Penn 08-08-2013 09:24 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
There is a 2x4 kicker under the 4x4 horizontal beam. The trailer is 94" wide so I didn't want the 4x4's on top of the posts because it would have made the inside width 89" wide so I couldn't get the trailer out. Also with the triangular plywood attached to the bottom 2x4 should control any twist. We will see how things go. I couldn't work on it today but will jack it up tomorrow.

Smier 08-08-2013 11:18 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
How long are you planning to have your boat supported by these stands? I would suggest as short a time as possible. Your 2x4 kicker really isn't going to do much, all the weight of the boat will be relying on the nails to hold it up, which is now in a shear situation. I would really reconsider beefing this up a lot more, especially if you plan on working around or under the boat...

Zac Penn 08-09-2013 02:55 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
After negotiating a forklift around the trailer tire, and using two high lifts on the other side we were able to raise the boat/trailer high enough to get the stands under them.

Once the boat was lowered onto the stands I checked the amount of deflection at the center on each stand and it was 1" at the bow and 1/2" at the stern. I kept the trailer 1" below the boat for about 30 minutes to see if it would sag any further. I also shook the boat like crazy to see if the stands would give. It was ROCK solid!!!!! I used ratchet straps on the toe rail to secure the boat to the stands and keep it from rocking side to side. I am going to get two more straps just for safety.

Even though the deflection looked reasonable for me I still wanted to place vertical post in the center to help carry the load. It raised the bow 1/2" and stern 1/4" to keep it nice and loaded.

I am going to get some long 2x4's and brace the two stands together and sure it up a little more. Either way it worked great, and I am happy.


PS. The pictures make things look much more deformed than they really are. I paid very close attention to everything and made sure it was safe.

SHNOOL 08-09-2013 03:27 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
I dunno, looks like it'll work fine, the whole thing looks like it's leaning in the pictures (I know it isn't)...

Fortunately it's a relatively light boat.

Zac Penn 08-10-2013 03:01 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
I appreciate the warnings and believe me I have too much to loose to work under something that is unstable. As I have said before it is ROCK SOLID and does not have any play. The kickers are holding just fine, the OSB is not deforming.

My dad and I spent five hours today under there with an orbital sander removing the old bottom paint and scratched up the hull paint. Here are some action shots of the old man working it...
This is what it used to look like...

And what we brought it back down to...

It looks like we got all the way to the old gel coat and roughed it up real nice. There were a couple spots were the gelcoat was cracking so we cut them out and sanded the area real well. We are going to use Bondo Fiberglass Resin Jelly to fill the holes then sand them smooth. That is as far as we know what to do so far. This is where you guys can really help us.

West Marine is the only marine store around that i know of and when we went there yesterday we talked to someone and he recommended the following products...
Interlux water barrier
INTERLUX InterProtect® 2000E Barrier Coat System at West Marine
Ablative Bottom Paint
WEST MARINE PCA Gold Antifouling Paint with Irgarol at West Marine
Brightside Precoat
INTERLUX Paint at West Marine
Brightside Paint
INTERLUX Brightside One-Part Polyurethane Paint with Teflon at West Marine

We want to hold onto this boat for at least a couple years and we will be leaving it in the water for hopefully 2 years before having to remove it and recoat the bottom. I want to go with black for the bottom paint and a high gloss white for the hull. Can you please provide me with your recommendations for painting supplies and whether or not primers are really necessary. It looks to me as though the hull has not been painted for a VERY long time because I kept sanding and sanding and the color nor consistency never changed so I figure it was the gelcoat?

I almost forgot...
What is the best prep I can do for the keel? As you can see the rust is coming through the old paint, and sanding it is not going to work do to the deep pits in the lead. I could wire wheel it, but was hoping the bottom paint would stick to it without too much prep work???? Please let me know if I need to get off the pipe hahaha

So sum it up lets please bring the conversation around to painting supplies and not about the boat stands :lol:

Thanks again for your help,

Siamese 08-10-2013 06:22 PM

Re: Starting my Chrysler 22 Painting Project...Advice welcomed!
You wouldn't catch me under there. Why a 4x4 when a 2x10 would be considerably stronger? Or doubled 2x10's. I'd also be concerned about the ply supports at the base of your supports. I'd much rather see forward and aft movement controlled by at least a half sheet of ply running from the front support to the back support and secured with lag screws. each his own.

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