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rbtpfe9 09-16-2004 01:25 PM

Headsail Bag
Any ideas where to get patterns for headsail bag for hanked on jib? I''ve got some sunbrella fabric I''d like an upholsterer to make a bag with. I''ve gotten to know an upholsterer who does really good work at reasonable prices but need some sort of pattern for him to work off. Guess I could draw one out but would be nice to have good pattern.

kokopelli9 09-16-2004 04:19 PM

Headsail Bag
I just finished making such a bag...although I would make some improvements for the next one, I am overall pleased with the finished bag this time. I would be glad to tell you how i did mine...first I would need to know the size boat the bag is going to be used on.

s/v Kokopelli

rbtpfe9 09-17-2004 03:50 AM

Headsail Bag
The luff is around 42'', foot around 14''. Thanks

waltward 09-19-2004 11:33 AM

Headsail Bag


It is irritating to have a bag that is too small,

I don''t think this is too tough. I would fold the sail the way that I always do, stand it up on a piece of paper or cardboard, draw a circle three or four inches out from the sail all the way around, measure how high the folded partially rolled sail is while it is standing there. Cut out the circle pattern, & lay it on the bag material allow another 1/2 inch all the way around for stiching & cut it out. Cut out a piece of material long enough in one direction to go around the circle, plus one inch, that gives 1/2 inch on each end for stitching. The other way cut it six or eight inches more than the measurement of the sail standing, while it was folded and partially rolled. On this last dimension allow another one and a half inches for stitching at the bottom and the gather line tunnel at the top. Sew in the gather line tunnel leaving it cut back 1 1/2 inches on each end of what will be the inside. Sew the large squarish thing to the round thing, sew up what was the long squarish piece, where the two ends meet. And; we have a bag.
Ops! I forgot to put in the gather cord (or draw string).
If I were doing this at home on the living room floor I think I would push the couch and a couple of chairs into a "Smallish V ahape" and work inside this "Confined V Shape" to fold the sail. Also, I would have four ropes tied to my self, front, back, & off each side, with four people each in turn pulling me each way, to simulate folding the sail on the pitching bow of the sail boat.

"THE BAG HAS TO BE BIG ENOUGH" And; we never fold the sail on the fore deck as we will on the living room floor.

However I like "Sausage Bags".

kokopelli9 09-19-2004 05:06 PM

Headsail Bag
Making my bag was not quite this complicated...but i need the size of the boat, not the sail. I wanted a bag that would allow me to leave the headsail hanked on while stored in the bag on the bow...I have two zippers on mine...and a d-ring as well as drainage holes in the is very simple and easy to put the sail in far I have had no problems and the sail has been dry every time. If you look at the headsail bags on the trailersailor (www. site that is what mine looks like.

waltward 09-19-2004 07:53 PM

Headsail Bag

Looks good to me.

Walt Ward

mmccoy 09-20-2004 04:03 AM

Headsail Bag
Suggestion: When you make your bag use twist fasteners instead of zippers as the closure.

Even the heaviest duty zipper inevitably fails whereas twist fasteners are easy to work and last forever.

kokopelli9 09-20-2004 01:56 PM

Headsail Bag
That is very true about the twist fasteners vs. zippers. However the twist fasteners are more costly and when i made my headsail bag, I was thinking of it more as a prototype than the final bag...when I iron out all the changes I would like to make after a season of use then I will probably do the next one with the fasteners.


s/v Kokopelli

fer@fer 09-23-2004 03:37 PM

Headsail Bag
Pay a look to website.

This direct link may help

Regards. Fernando

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