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SanDiegoChip 11-03-2013 05:19 PM

Patch dinghy while inflated?
So here is a question 
We have a 10’2” dingy on our davits. Only land is the beach.
We want to add a “D ring” to the side of the dinghy. It is a round piece of rubber with a “D ring” in it.
We have always patched dinghy’s when they have a leaked, always deflated.
Any problem roughening up the area and cementing the “D ring” rubber onto the dinghy while the dinghy is fully inflated?
We have an Achilles dinghy.

Seaduction 11-03-2013 06:58 PM

re: Patch dinghy while inflated?

DosEquis 11-03-2013 08:46 PM

re: Patch dinghy while inflated?
If it's polypropylene, you normally want to have it deflated to allow the roll out of air bubbles and to place a weight on it to ensure adhesion. The weight isn't 100% needed,but I prefer to be safe. I used to patch inflatables for the Navy so my experience may not apply to your application or it may... We had a pretty solid process for repair

1) locate leak and circle it in chalk
2) allow to dry
3) cut patch 1 inch larger than damaged area - scallop the edges
4) apply polypropylene glue to the patch and inflatable in a vertical motion
5) allow to dry
6) Scuff the damaged area and patch
7) paint raft and patch with tolulene to reactivate the rubber surface
8) Apply glue to patch and inflatable in a horizontal motion
9) allow to dry till tacky and place the patch on the raft
10) roll out any bubbles and place a weight on the patch
11) allow to cure 24 hours
12) test to ensure all leaks are repaired.

Very seldom had a repeat leak or patch fail. Hope this helps


SanDiegoChip 11-20-2013 02:59 PM

re: Patch dinghy while inflated?
OK finally talked to the “Dinghy Doctor” in San Diego (we are in the La Cruz anchorage in Mexico right now) and they said to just glue the “D” ring on. That was all I wanted to do was add a “D” ring to the Achilles 10’2” dinghy. I guess I did not convey that well. Any way they, the Dinghy Doctor said that is how they do it is while the dinghy is inflated they add the “D” ring. The “D” ring is on a round piece of rubber that gets glued onto the dinghy.

Faster 11-20-2013 06:21 PM

Re: Patch dinghy while inflated?
Well, your thread title is 'patch' the dinghy... which kinda implied a leak!! ;)

Hope it all works out for you...

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