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glowworm 04-04-2001 02:03 PM

need to raise the Jib.
I have a Pearson 24 and it has very high railing ropes going forward. It doesnt bother the 155% Genoa I have if I''m Close hauled, but if I need to let the jib out it goes up and over the ropes that go down both sides of the boat.

What I would like to do is add a strong 18 inch long wire with loops at both ends, and attach one to the Jib and the other to the Jib Cleat so it raises the bottom of the sail high enough to clear the ropes. I have enough room at the top of the forestay to make this happen I''m just not sure what to ask for at the store, nor do I know if I should or should''nt do this. I have seen several sailboats with high ropes, and wonder how they do it.

RichH 04-04-2001 06:02 PM

need to raise the Jib.
Consider to reattach the lifelines at the base/bottom of the pulpit instead of connecting them at the top rear of the pulpit. Connecting at the base will leave a ''slot'' for the jib to exit overboard without much ''laying over the lifelines''.
Raising the jib with a lanyard, will make the sail less aerodynamically efficient, will tend to heel the boat more, etc.; but, it can be done.

Jeff_H 04-05-2001 04:06 AM

need to raise the Jib.
Having the Jib ride on the lifelines when reaching is perfectly normal and has little or no real affect on durability or performance. While you could rig a tack pennant for the jib, it really makes no sense at all.


paulk 04-07-2001 05:13 AM

need to raise the Jib.
As Jeff suggests, it may look unsightly, but there are safety (and hassle) issues with moving lifeline attachment points. Adding a pennant will also raise the center of effort of the sail, perhaps making you heel more, and more readily. You may want to put up with a little chafe (tape the stanchions) rather than more heel and the added expense of a pennant. Your rigger or sailmaker may disagree, but then, they''re selling you the pennant. Of course, on a boat, everything is a compromise...

Sloop23_417 04-10-2001 11:46 AM

need to raise the Jib.
If you do any sailing in crowded waters I would strongly recomend a tack pennant to raise the sail off of the deck. The increased visibility forward far out weighs the increased healing you will encounter. Unless you are racing, its always wise to raise the jib/genoa of of the deck. This will solve your problem of the sail resting on the lifelines, and keep your sails cleaner longer.

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