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drynoc 11-16-2004 03:36 AM

General purpose pumps
As part of a re-powering effort, I am replacing the fuel tank and will need to get the fuel out. Can anyone recommend a good, simple, inexpensive pump for that purpose? I would be perfectly happy with a hand operated pump of some sort.

p32 11-16-2004 07:41 AM

General purpose pumps
I have a "Topsider MVP Oil Changer/Multi-Purpose Pump" ( logId=10001&classNum=170&subdeptNum=169&am p;storeNum=6) I bought for changing oil. It not only performs very well for changing oil (much better than any drill pump) but I''ve found I also use it anytime I need to suck up liquid from anywhere. I''m sure it would work for your fuel tank. One possible issue, it only holds a little over two gal at a time so you''d have to transfer your fuel in two gal. increments.


pjfsail 11-17-2004 06:35 AM

General purpose pumps
Napa Automobile Parts Stores sell a little 12v fuel pump for $38.00. It is called, Universal 12v Fuel Pump. I bought one and installed it on my 34'' Sailboat to transfer fuel. It works great. If you are a member of 3 A Autombile Club you get a 10% diccount too.

Denr 11-17-2004 07:08 AM

General purpose pumps
P32 is on the right track here, I too have one of these pumps, it could actually suck the chrome off a winch if necessary. The fact that it is manually operated makes it an ideal choice minimizing moving parts to replace. Most importantly, you should not use a electric pump for removing liquids with low flash points, can you say BOOM (as in explosion) not the thing you hit your head with during accidental jibes?

Discounts are nice but you can''t collect them if you''re in the morgue!

Capt. Denr

elhanley 11-17-2004 03:23 PM

General purpose pumps
Depending on how much fuel you need to remove, and how much time you have, the cheapest way is to use your engine''s fuel pump. Just disconnect the discharge end and rout it to a container, then turn the ignition on without starting the engine. You could also use the fuel return line.

drynoc 11-18-2004 03:32 AM

General purpose pumps
Thanks to all for the suggestions. In keeping with my desire to minimize electrical loads, I will go with the hand pump. The idea of simply using the engine is one I had not thought of, but I want to pump the fuel to a container in the cockpit so that it will be out of the way, and it seems complicated to run hoses to the cockpit from the engine or fuel tank. The old tank is 20 gallons, and it is more than half full, so I don''t want to have to carry it through the companionway to the cockpit.

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