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john232 01-04-2005 07:52 PM

Update on restoration of Santana30..
I finally came to the conclusion that this project is going to take alot of time and money and have accepted that fact and tried to make the best of it. I decided to not only repair this boat but to make it a stronger and very much improved in quality. Here is what I have done thus far:

1) I sanded, grinded and prepped the interior hull to deck joint, and re-enforced it with epoxied matt and E-glass layed up. and also built up the laminates around all the stantion through hulls, and all bulk heads were re-laminated with matt and cloth also.
2) I bought 300 linear feet of (13/4")X 5/16" Southern Cyprus moulding battens for the V bunk sides and Qtr birth side, and for around the backs of the settes. I am installing these battens over 3/8" bubble foiled insulation.
3) I tore out the old vinle head liner and decided to change to a white polystyrene boarding with teak triming. I had to install one inch wide by 1/2 inch thick battens as a sub structure to attach the poly boards to and trim strips to hold everything in place I used west systems thickening adhesive (silica powder) mixed with epoxie to a peanut butter thickness and glued all the batten sub stucture in place. It looks awsome.
4) I am building (out of Honduran Mahogony) two lockers with a book case in the middle above the port sette.
5)all the bulkheads in the main cabin and galley and also the head will be sanded and prepped for the installation of white pionite sheeting (simular to formica but stronger) and will be trimmed out in teak.
5)the floor will be 2" wide by 3/8" tounge and groove Afromosia or lyptus with white oak groving (should have that teak and holly look)
6) I am now extending the starboard gally bulkhead out athwartship toward the center of the floor and adding a wood post attached to the end of the bulkhead and top of ceiling and to the floor.(this will make galley safer to use at sea.
I plan on keeping this boat for my retirement fun when I retire in about 3 to 6 years, so I don''t mind making this boat just the way I want it.
I will catch everyone up on systems next time.

Jeff_H 01-05-2005 04:43 AM

Update on restoration of Santana30..
Thanks for the update. It sounds like you are accomplishing a lot with the old girl. One perhaps not so minor point, these boats do not tolerate a lot of added weight and it sounds like you are adding a lot of weight high in the boat which could pretty adversely affect the boat''s performance. Have you checked to see how all of this weight will affect trim for example?


john232 01-05-2005 12:44 PM

Update on restoration of Santana30..
Good point Jeff_H, The cyprus was used because it is a very light weight wood and decay resistent to boot. The mahogony cabinets will weigh the most but they shouldn''t be significantly so. The ceiling shouldn''t add any additional weight compared to the old headliner. The floor will probably add some additional weight but it will be real close to the bildge. I will take heed of your observations and adjust accordingly in future planning. Good to hear from you.

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