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dsprygada 01-15-2005 05:59 AM

Leaking portholes
I need your help. I have 8 opening port holes (Bomar)on my Manta 40 Cat and 5 leak slightly. I''ve tightened the "swing" latches and put in a shim to increase the pressure, but still get little drips that find their way through. Although not serious amounts, mainly aggrivating. The seals look to be in good shape and still soft and pliable. I''ve cleaned them and applied a little lubricant to improve the seal but to no avail, they still dribble.

One problem that I see is that the screen inserts cause a trough to form that collects water between the screen frame and the glass. Water eventually finds it''s way in. Also when I open the windows the rest of the accumulated water falls right in. I could get rid or the screens which would eliminate the "pooling" of water. But then I''d have to install the screens everytime I opened the windows. (At least in the summer when the skeeters are bad!)

Any thoughts about drilling holes thru the frame, above the gasket at the bottom of the window, to allow the water to drain out without collecting? Replace all the gaskets? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

s/v No More Mondays

sailnaway 01-31-2005 05:31 PM

Leaking portholes
You could take some 90 degree corner moulding the white colored stuff it is a high dinsity foam like material sold at Home Depot. Cut one edge off but leave maybe 1/4"-3/8" of an inch enough to make it have an angle that is higher than the angle the port is at. The long drip edge of about an inch and a quarter going toward the outside cut strips the length of the ports and clear or white silicone them in place. If the water cant pool it can''t run in. This might work well and it would cost very little and would not hurt the port frame in any way.

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