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Grigrigrigoris 06-26-2005 02:15 AM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
I am thinking of combining a stainless steel chain and a normal galvanized steel anchor. The reason is that the galvanized steel chain does not spread around the chain locker nicely but it creates a pyramid. I have a problem when it jams, because I do not have access to my chain locker from the deck but only through the bow bulkhead and it is not easy to untangle the chain. Plus a stainless steel chain brings less dirt aboard. I want to keep the galvanized anchor because of the extra friction of the galvanized steel vs stainless steel when it is dug into the bottom of the sea. Has any one used this combination? Any galvanic corrosion problems?



GordMay 06-26-2005 04:37 AM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
Tho’ Stainless Steel is not recommended for use in submerged anaerobic applications, I’ve successfully used it exactly as you contemplate. Over 10 years, my SS chain(s) did not suffer undue corrosion when heavily used with a (mild steel) “Delta” Anchor, nor with the (aluminum) “Fortress” anchor, both of which were also connected to Group 4 H.T. chains. (anchor -to- S/S -to- H.T. -to- Rope)
I’m not certain that you’ll appreciably reduce the chain friction (& piling), though.

emmylouhairball 06-26-2005 10:01 AM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
I don''t have stainless chain, all galv on one and 75'' with rode on the other. I use the rode when I can and lay it out on deck for washdown and a short dry between anchorages. After most of the water is out of it, I pull it down and flake it in the locker by hand. Takes me about 5 minutes or so. The chain side always castles like yours, but if I go down and push the castle over and sort of flake it around a little bit, I don''t have a problem with it jamming as much. I''ve heard of one guy spraying his chain with sailcote to keep it from stacking up in the chainlocker. Haven''t tried it though so I can''t say whether it works.



Grigrigrigoris 06-26-2005 02:00 PM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
Hi Gord,

Thanks for your comments. Did you use the combination ss chain/mild steel anchor for the same reason like mine or for another one? What exactly do you mean ss not recommended for anaerobic applications? If it gets corroded why do the various chain manufacturers sell ss chains for marine applications?



WHOOSH 06-27-2005 01:24 AM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
Grigoris, a couple of thoughts...

Gord´s coment about anaerobic circumstances is is meant to point out that stainless can suffer corrosion in applications where its exposure to sea water is absent sufficient oxygen. OTOH I think this isn´t a problem for stainless chain because it mostly lives in a relatively oxygen rich environment (chain locker). As to why marine vendors sell it if s-s chain isn´t suitable, the answer is always because they can make a profit, whether it "makes sense" or not.

FWIW I was strongly encouraged to avoid using a Wichard s-s shackle between my galvanized rode and chain because, the chandler claimed, it would inevitably lead to failure of the shackle due to corrosion. This was in an established Falmouth chandelry and from a pretty experienced mariner, so it left me somewhat cautious.

I´m wondering: has anyone experienced a failure of a stainless component, used in a galvaized series of anchor components?


FalconEddie 06-27-2005 12:31 PM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
For many years, bot on my own boats and those of customers in yacht service, I have removed stainless shackles as soon as possible and in place installed new Galvy items of the proper size.

I have temporarily used a stainless shackle to rig ground tackle for a delivery, and have never seen one fail. However . . .

It gives me the willies. Every once in a while I have put a wrench to a stainless fastener and had it crumble like a dry cookie. I don''t know why this happens or why the fastener right next to it hasn''t deteriorated, but it makes me eyeball a single stainless fitting on an anchor rode, be it a shackle or (shudder) a swivel, with suspicion. I see no gain in it.

I have never seen a good galvy shackle that was properly installed fail. Ground tackle is too important to experiment with.

2 cents

Grigrigrigoris 06-27-2005 02:18 PM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
Just to understand your point, it is O.K. to use an ss chain connected to a galvanized anchor with a good quality galvanized shackle?

I assume that you do use ss shackles for the running rigging or you avoid them altogether?

I heard that when the galvanized shackles fail they do not fail suddently but they deform first, so they give some warning. The ss shackles just break suddently. Is it true?



Grigrigrigoris 06-27-2005 02:30 PM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
Jack thanks for your comments.I follow your adventures through the site.I hope you like Spain.



WHOOSH 06-30-2005 07:19 AM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
Grigoris, glad to hear you are "coming along for the ride" aboard WHOOSH. Thanks for the kind comments.

After seeing this thread, I returned to the boat and was handed a copy of last month´s PBO (British DYI-type sailing mag), wherein this topic was being discussed. The pic showing a stainless shackle going thru the galvanized rode´s first link told quite a story; that link wasn''t going to last long. Clearly, cathodic activity was present...and if it was happening with the galvanized chain link, one is left wondering about the stainless shackle.

Given the reverse, it´s hard to imagine why one would trust the last link in a stainless rode when connected to a galvanized shackle. The lifespans offered in the PBO article - for a galvanized shackle in "normal use" '' were 10 years when connected to galvanized chain and <1 year when used with stainless.


Grigrigrigoris 07-02-2005 03:57 PM

Combination stainless steel chain/ galvanized steel anchor
Jack thanks for your valuable comments. Just to remind you, my motivation for using an ss chain is to avoid the big pile up in the anchor locker. My boat is a Moody Eclipse 38, whose anchor locker for some strange reason does not open from the top. There is a round opening in the bow bulkhead through which I can access the anchor locker. The problem is that when I sail alone I can not be at the same time both in the front cabine in order to push the chain around the chain locker through the bulkhead opening in order to avoid the chain pile up and steer the boat from the cockpit.My boat has now a 25 meter long galvanized chain and a galvanized CQR anchor. The chain is long enough for the lake, where the boat is located right now. However,I am planning to move the boat to the Med next summer and I need at least a 60 to 70 m long chain. I am quite sure that I will have serious pile up and jamming problems with a new galvanic chain having the above mentioned length. So perhaps it would be better to combine a new ss chain with an ss shakle and an ss anchor despite the very reduced friction due to the use of ss in the anchor components.I am considering of buying the German bugel anchor made by a company called Wasi. The bugel anchor has a very narrow tip which helps the anchor to dig deep into the sea ground. The bugel anchor is supposed to bury itself much faster and deeper in grounds with a lot of sea weeds than the CQR. What is your opinion Jack?

best regards

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