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Reesser 06-28-2005 02:59 PM

water in crank case - Atomic 4
My Atomic 4 is a 1975 with an Obersdorfer water pump. With about 1 hour of use, I noticed a few days later when I check the oil that I took on 4 liters of water! (The head gasket was changed about 4 years ago.) I did not notice any white smoke (steam), the plugs were dry, and the engine operated as normal. The water was very clear. I hear about the water pump seal, and the exhaust maifold in addition to the head gasket. Is it easy to check the first two before I go thru the head gasket again? I have not checked the compression yet.

RichH 06-28-2005 03:20 PM

water in crank case - Atomic 4
go to then go to ''forum''

Could simply the the waterpump seal. In a worst case scenario it also could be that the block has ''rotted through'' .... but lets hope not.

aphil138 07-03-2005 09:52 AM

water in crank case - Atomic 4
Make sure you check the anti-siphon vavle. Mine used to suck water after the engine was turned off. While they "cool" , if the anti siphon valve is stuck it will suck water back into the engine though an open exhust valve. Mine did it so often until I figured out the cause, I used to open the four bolts on the transmission cover and suck the oil out with a bigger pump rather than though the dip stick tube. It was on a Catalina 30.

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