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duffer1960 07-11-2005 05:22 AM

Packing gland coming out of top of rudder tube!
I have a 1981 Catalina 38, and the rudder tube packing gland is pulling out of the top of the rudder tube (now at least I know where the water is coming in from!). The rudder tube rises from the bottom of the hull about 10 inches and is capped by a brass stuffing box. The bottom section is in the tube, and the top section clamps down onto it with the packing material in between. It is this brass fitting that is pulling out of the fiberglass tube. There is about 3/4 to one inch of brass showing between the top of the tube and bottom side of the flange where the two sections of the packing gland bolt together. I can also see where the ''glass on the top of the tube flares out slightly where it used to mate with the flange. Should I just be able to slide this the rest of the way out, and after proper surface prep, apply epoxy and push it back in? If so, should I thicken the epoxy or use it straight?

Jeff_H 07-11-2005 06:35 AM

Packing gland coming out of top of rudder tube!
There are various ways that rudder packing glands are constructed. I would contact Catalina to see what they would recommend or else try to find a Catalina 38 forum. Most packing glands that I have experienced on my own boats have a rubber boot with hose clamps between the gland and the glass rudder tube.
Good Luck,

Feelin'Free-C-38 08-25-2005 08:26 PM

Packing gland coming out of top of rudder tube!
I am in shipyard this week and removed my rudder today. The stuffing box should be firmly and permanently attached to the top of the lower rudder tube and it should have been glassed in to the area surrounding the tube.

I think Catalina is the best shot for real solid repair info unless you have a boatyard you trust with experience on this issue.

Also try Catalina National Org :

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