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PatJordan 08-14-2005 02:57 PM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair
I need to remove and repair the rudder on my Pearson 30. I plan on hiring a professional, but would like the benefit of other owners'' experience who may have done this before. Is it possible to remove and replace the rudder while the boat is in the water? Thanks.

SailorMitch 08-15-2005 05:14 AM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair
I suggest joining the Sailjazz Pearson email list and asking your questions there. There are P-30 owners on that list and no doubt they can answer your questions. (Most of the Pearson owners traipsed over to SailJazz -- I really don''t know who is left on the Sailnet Pearson email list at this point because I also unsubscribed from it.)

sabre32sailor 08-16-2005 10:13 AM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair
technically, yes you can as the tube it resides in is glassed to the hull and deck.

The issue will be when you unbolt it and it drops to the bottom of the drink, how are you going to find it?

More importantly how are you going to get it back in? Using the mast as a crane, it is work on land. I cannot imagine trying this stunt in the water.

I have built shims that could be installed on the water to help tighten up the bearings, but it was involved to ensure there were backups so the rudder could not get away from me.

Spend the money and have the boat hauled.
While out, you ought to add new delrin bearings from Pearson to the rudder tube, as they need to be replaced every 2-3 years unless you really like slop in your steering.


PatJordan 08-17-2005 05:16 PM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair

Thanks for the good advice. I am going to get a pro to help... and I smiled when I read your words about it sinking to the bottom... I had planned on having the boat positioned in a slip with appropriate lines securing it... but will probably bite the bullet and have it hauled. Where can I get the bearings?

z00dles 09-16-2005 12:45 PM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair
Acutally, although I don''t dispute it''s easier to do the job hauled-out, I disagree with the opinion of doing it in the water - as I''ve just completed this job a couple weeks ago. A fiberglass spade rudder will not normally sink, since it is foam-filled with a fibergalss skin. My biggest problem re-installing mine (Newport 30)was actually because of the flotation I had a hard time pushing the rudder down (while treading water...) enough to insert the rudder stock etc.
But I was successful and it has been working perfectly

windship 09-16-2005 03:03 PM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair
Drill and tap a hole in the top of the rudder post to fit an eye bolt so you can tie a line to it, then drop the rudder if it is solid? You can then use the same rope to lift it from the water with the boom.
If the rudder is foam filled, weight it down so it is near or at neautral buoyancy.

dman 09-17-2005 03:21 AM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair
I`ll add my 3 cents to this as well.Getting the rudder out of the boat no problem.With a 5 foot draft and the rudder still needing another couple of feet to get it out,pay the few bucks to haul it out and go over the rest of the boat while your at it.Putting this rudder in when you are in 8 feet of water with the possibility of a wave or wake coming in while you are now underwater trying to line the rudder up is not my idea of good yacht workmanship.What are some of you guys paying for a haulout because this issue seems to come out alot?

PaulBl 09-19-2005 01:34 PM

Pearson 30 Rudder Repair
I agree with dman. Haul it out and take the oppertunity to do a few things that probably need doing or at least inspected. Trouble always follows so get it all in one haul out.

Right now I just paid last month $6 / ft for haul and block with relaunch. This in the lower Chesapeake. Regional price do vary quite a bit.

I had a shaft alignment problem with a prop replacement. There was a feeling cutlass bearing might be bad and I also needed bottom paint. The haul out proved worthwhile and the cutlass beraing did not need replacement. So as a sum of the parts it was a worthwhile haul out.

I only haul every two years so it was just a bit early but I got it all done. It helps to look at the bigger picture.

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