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RobHoman 04-22-2001 09:16 AM

Need a little help in the plumbing department!!
I need a little bit of help from you all: I am experiencing a problem completely draining my bilge and shower sump on my Morgan 33 OI.

The problem is that the bilge and sump are at the same level...well below the water line and the distance to the thruhulls at the stern and the rise in elevation from bilge and sump bottom is such that a significant amount of water is left in the lines when the pumps shut off....they both have automatic switches.....well there is a significant amount of water returning to the bilge or sump but not enough to reactivate the pumps.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find "check valves" that would be able to stand up to salt water and also to fresh water with soap in it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

loki 04-22-2001 03:51 PM

Need a little help in the plumbing department!!
Your local hardware store sells cheap plastic one way valves for sump pumps. These are made of plastic and should be imperveous to bilge and shower water.

kimberlite 04-22-2001 05:05 PM

Need a little help in the plumbing department!!
check valve in the main bilge pump line is not recommended. if it jams or plugs up you are out of luck in an emergency. i installed a small automatic 500 gph pump and a separate bilge hose and a check valve from west. this keeps the bilge dry.

noctaluca 04-22-2001 09:06 PM

Need a little help in the plumbing department!!
I can recomend the idea of using a smaller second pump with check valve. If there is no room for a second pump you can install a non submersable pump. This type of pump can be located neerer the exit point of the hull out of the bilge and even above water line. The suction hose leeds from the pump down to the bilge. All that is in the bilge is the hose and strainer at the end of the hose. The bilge water is sucked up to the pump befor it looses a prime and little residule water is left in hose.
Good luck.

SHIMSHON 04-23-2001 07:28 AM

Need a little help in the plumbing department!!
NEVER, BUT NEVER! put a check valve in your bilge pump hose. As suggested, the alternative would be a second pump that could drain the small amount of fluid left in the bilge/sump.

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