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h20ski 01-02-2006 04:56 AM

dinghy outboard- brands?
researching purchase of outboard for 10'' RIB. Pretty much decided upon 9.9 hp four stroke (15hp just too heavy to lift and don''t need all that extra speed). Any opinions/ experience with the various brands? Looking seriously at the Mercury (due to easy to reach F-N-R shift on tiller and lightest weight 84 lbs) and Honda (due to excellent reputation and shift is on front of engine).
Thank you.

SailorMitch 01-02-2006 05:26 AM

dinghy outboard- brands?
Check out Yamaha as well. I have a little 3 hp for my dinghy and it has been very reliable. When I bought it, the mechanic who prepped it for me wished me the best because he said that would probably be the last time he ever saw me. He said Yamaha''s are that reliable, and also one of the few that will start right up when brand new out of the box.

h20ski 01-03-2006 03:51 AM

dinghy outboard- brands?
besides brand, does it come down to cc''s? I mean the four stroke Yamaha 9.9 is 323 cc''s and the others are less. The highest cc''s on the four stroke 15hp is Honda, I believe at 350 cc''s. Maybe the four stroke Mercury 9.9 is a bit of a dog because it is only 209 cc''s??

RichardElliott 01-03-2006 02:55 PM

dinghy outboard- brands?
Why 4-stroke if you are concerned about weight? Most new 2-strokes are 100:1 oil mix and are very environmentally friendly.

h20ski 01-03-2006 03:47 PM

dinghy outboard- brands?
always had problems with my 2 strokes in the past, never got the perfect mix, burning oil and gumming up- rough running. Hoping a 4 stroke and utilizing STABILE to protect the gas & carb will prevent the other problems.

PaulBl 01-04-2006 12:40 PM

dinghy outboard- brands?
You''ll find Yamaha is better than the number as they measure it differently than most vendors. You''ll end up a few HP higher than most other similar sized motors.

The 4 stroke engines are pretty nice, but they have gone up in price a lot over the past two years.

Silmaril 01-05-2006 08:31 AM

dinghy outboard- brands?
I bought a Honda BF8 4-Stroke for my Zodiak 310FR. I had it in for service last year and the mechanic told me that the BF8 and the BF9.9 were the exact same engine. He said that when the BF8 came out, they found that it was actually putting out more like 10HP, so they worked up some stickers, slapped them on the case, and charge more money for the same outboard. Don''t know if he was telling me the truth, but I can attest that with two adult passengers and all required safety gear, plus a long weekend of supplies, I hop up on a plane, and reach truly astounding speeds. Also it is a strong puller when fully loaded with 4 adults and "Beach Stuff" comming back to the mother ship in a heavy chop and high winds.

The BF8 is an excellent motor, yet a little heavy at about 90lbs. It is silent when doing a "Harbor Cruise" in the evening, and uses very little fuel. Starts on the first pull every time. It even has an alternator output if you want to carry a motorcycle battery for running lights.

branda 01-07-2006 10:05 AM

dinghy outboard- brands?
Buy the Yamaha 2 stroke 9 hp if you need more umph change the carb.$100 bucks and you then have a 15hp. Love the yammi!

Bawgy 01-09-2006 10:12 AM

dinghy outboard- brands?
I have had nothing but good experience with my Briggs and Stratton 5 horse Cheap to repair Parts are avaialable at NAPA Pushes my 24 Venture around at 5-6 mph 75% throttle. About $600 new I believe

TrueBlue 01-09-2006 01:23 PM

dinghy outboard- brands?
I''m buying an Avon Rover 310 RIB (10''-2" x 5''-8") with Yamaha F15 15hp/4-stroke package. This decision came after a very intensive research campaign. But that''s me . . . fit''s my program perfectly.

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