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PSSEATTLE 05-13-2001 12:46 PM

Bent Rudder Post - C&C 36
Recently I have experienced a bend in my rudder post. The top of the trailing edge binds against the hull as one passes centerline. Cause was striking a sunken log bundle underway.

We feel we have three choices:

1) File off the area of interference and operate until next years scheduled drydocking.


2) Haul the vessel now and remove the rudder and replace the entire unit or straighten the post in a press. This would be followed by a dye penetrant inspection for fractures.


3) Haul the boat. Lower the rudder some 3 inches and inspect for cracks in the post. Rig a chain hoist between the rudder and skeg and attempt to straighten the post.

Has anyone any experience with this type of situation?

blanketman 05-13-2001 07:12 PM

Bent Rudder Post - C&C 36
Check with the boys at canal marine they helped me out with the same problem a couple of years ago and they were very professional and inexpensive in solving the problem.
good luck and
fair winds

ChetBridgeman 05-18-2001 11:03 AM

Bent Rudder Post - C&C 36
Our post was bent badly by a prior owner right above where post meets fiberglass of rudder. We cut off the old post & welded on a new post, using a sleeve within to strengthen. Fix has been fine, we have 100% confidence in it. Not sure that yours sounds as severely bent so you may be able to get by until hauling the boat next year, although it may cause unusual wear on fiberglass sleeve that post rides within - if that''s the design.

I would worry that re-bending may not work as once bent, I would think post would be weaker, especially if bent again to straighten.

My opinion only.

PSSEATTLE 05-18-2001 09:42 PM

Bent Rudder Post - C&C 36
The post is reportedly hollow. We feel that the reason for this is three fold. First, weight reduction is always a consideration. Two, cost. The third is that if the rudder is to strike something quite rigid, something wants to fail that will not sink the hull. In this case, we believe the rudder may have been designed to bend in lieu of hull failure. Imagine the influx of seawater if the hull fractured about the post foundation.

PSSEATTLE 05-18-2001 09:42 PM

Bent Rudder Post - C&C 36

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