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johnjt 05-17-2001 11:32 AM

in search of easy roller furling (Schaefer Snapfurl?)
I own/share a 26'' Ranger from 1976. It''s our second year with the boat and this year''s upgrade was to be a roller furling unit. I''ve looked at the Schaefer "Snapfurl" primarily because it''s cheaper and easier to install than most of the others. I know cheaper is not always better, but money is always an issue and a complicated installation is a huge deterrent. Is this unit sound and would it be appropriate for a boat this size. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Happy sailing!

rbh1515 05-18-2001 07:19 AM

in search of easy roller furling (Schaefer Snapfurl?)
I just bought a new 26'' sailboat and it came with a Harken roller furler with a rigid aluminum extrusion. I''m sure its a great system, but its somewhat of a pain assembling and it has to be installed before the mast is up. If I had had a choice I would have bought the system from CDI. Its a flexible PVC extrusion with a lifetime warranty (covered even if someone at the yard runs over it--my Harken system only has a 5 year warranty, and you have to be very careful with it when you store it since it is rigid-I don''t think mishanding such as running over it with a vehicle is covered). It can be installed with the mast up etc and the installation is quick. Is the Schaefer system a flexible PVC system and if so what is the warranty? The manufacturer of my boat said that Harken had a flexible PVC system, but they were having quality control problems with the PVC extrusion and that about one third of the extrusion material was getting wasted during manufacturing. I have seen some negative comments about the CDI system on this message board, but the comments have not specified what is wrong with the system and the people commenting did not seem to have direct experience with it-I may be wrong. Does anyone out there have any concrete well founded specific negative comments about the CDI system? I was very impressed with it when I looked at it, and you can''t beat the warranty.

h20nut 05-18-2001 08:18 AM

in search of easy roller furling (Schaefer Snapfurl?)
Before sailnet was sailnet it was JSI. I worked in the hardware department for a number of years and sold Schaeffer,Harken,CDI,Profurl,and Hood furlers.
In most cases the application determined which furler was best for the job.
I attended the Harken tech school in Pewaukee and have tremendous respect for their company and products. Schaeffer is nearly bulletproof with excellent factory support. Same with Profurl. CDI is a great unit, in my opinion, for smaller boats up to about 33'' headstay. The Harken systems are top of the line and can be assembled over the headstay(removed from the boat) and then reinstalled by sending a man aloft and reattching the headstay complete with furler.
Harken''s unit00 did have production problems at first. They tried coextruding PVC and braided stainless but the different coefficients of expansion of the two mat''ls just didn''t work. To Harkens credit they would not release this unit until all the glitches were worked out. CDI''s Flexible furler spawned the Harken unit,Schaeffers Snapfurl,and Hoods Sea flex. These flex units were introduced primarily for trailer sailors so as not to damage rigid foils when transporting their boats. In a nutshell, if you trailer your boat the flex units are the way to go if not you''ll probably get the best performance from a rigid foil system. Hope this helps.
Good luck.

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