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priceless9192 05-06-2014 08:57 PM

Question for paint pros
As the refit of my San Juan 28 comes to an end, i may have made a little mistake in the paint department. The hull itself is staying its egg-white gelcoat but i am repainting the top stripe. the blue top stripe is about 8 inches wide and runs the full length of the boat. The previous owner brushed over the orginal stripe with what i assume is a cheap enamel. Huge brushstrokes running all over. ive sanded them all out with most of it down to original gelcoat. i have seen people get amazing results using plain old rustoleum enamel. i thinned my first coat 30%, using roll and tip, and i still had brush strokes. sanded that out, thinned second coat 15% and still got brush strokes. I am about to abandon this cheap paint and go ahead and buy the good stuff (Brightside) unless someone can point out a better flattening agent...

sulli 05-06-2014 09:51 PM

Re: Question for paint pros
I would go with the interlux, you'll never get the cheap stuff to flow out right.
too thick it leaves brush marks,too thin it will run,just right won't last long as the volatiles leave it will thicken again.

tommays 05-06-2014 09:51 PM

Re: Question for paint pros

It is to cold and humid among many issues and your not really using particularly good paint even with brightsides

dvuyxx 05-06-2014 10:02 PM

Re: Question for paint pros
I thought Brightsides was Interlux?

priceless9192 05-06-2014 10:26 PM

Re: Question for paint pros
yes Brightside is an Interlux product. What paint did you opt for with that project? Awlgrip? In further research i find that the Rustoleum i am using is an Alkyd paint, resulting in a low gloss. looks like i will be grabbing a quart of Brightside tomorrow.

Barquito 05-06-2014 10:37 PM

Re: Question for paint pros
I second Brightsides. Much easier to work with (and cheaper) than their 2 part paint, Perfection. There are probably other one part paints that would work as well, but, I am not familiar with those.

My topsides are Interlux Perfection, the boot stripe is Interlux Brightsides, and the cove stripe is an adhesive stripe. (and this all looks like total cr@p compared to tommay's)

ambianceack 05-07-2014 05:47 AM

Re: Question for paint pros
I am not a paint pro but found working with Epifanes 2-part polyurethane for the finish coat on my aluminum mast to be relatively easy to apply. I also used it on a few areas on the deck. I have also used the Brightsides to touch up a few areas in the past a good choice, too. I have read that 2-part paints last longer than one part paints but I am sure that is all in the prep work.

appick 05-07-2014 10:17 AM

Re: Question for paint pros
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I've used both brightsides (on my deck, BIG mistake), and perfection for the topsides.

The brightsides is soft, and scratches easily. I regret taking the tips I did to use brightsides on the decks. The thinking was that it would be easy to touch up. It's a good thing it is because it needs it often

The perfection took some playing with thinning wise and when they say don't apply in direct sunlight they MEAN IT! I thinned to the max about 25% and on the third coat finally followed directions and strung up tarps to keep the sides shaded while painting. I tried using the best $30 badger hair paint brushes money can buy in the tipping and I was still having strokes show up. So I ended up using just the foam roller to apply the paint. Then gently going back over the same area with the now depleted roller slowly to smoot things down. That made the biggest difference, along with the shade. The mixing and thinning directions were easy to follow. All you need is some mearsuring paint cups and you're good to go.

The perfection is an incredibly hard paint with awesome gloss and color retention. I've very happy I went with it on my topsides. Awlgrip is supposed to be good too, but interlux had lots of literature for the DIY so that's the way I went.

appick 05-07-2014 10:19 AM

Re: Question for paint pros
Prep is always key to good paint work but the two part paints will outlast one parts by several magnitudes of order. I was told to expect around 12-15years of good gloss and color on the Perfection. Only time will tell!

MedSailor 05-08-2014 04:02 PM

Re: Question for paint pros
I had VERY good results using Pettit Easypoxy. It is a one part hard epoxy paint that I used for a bootstripe. I used the roll and tip method and thinned it slightly. It went on well and brushstrokes were visible with one coat, but not after 2.

It held up extremely well even when a ball fender was rubbing and bashing against the paint for an entire autumn storm season. The same ball fender's line rubbed a 1/2" deep gouge in my teak rail. The paint fared quite well.

Only other tip/suggestion, is make sure you're not using a cheap brush. If you do, all you effort is wasted on a project like this.


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