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Leon-T 06-19-2001 05:53 AM

Resheaving Main Halyard
I need some suggestions on resheaving the main halyard down a mast of a 26 foot sloop.

Tried sewing a bicycle chain to the end of the halyard (to give it some weight) and sending the chain over the sheave at the masthead and into the mast, but the chain got stuck inside.

I''d like to make the next trip up the bosun''s chair my last (for a while). Thanks.

JeffH 06-19-2001 09:26 AM

Resheaving Main Halyard
I depending on the boat, on a 26 footer is probably easier to lower the mast to the ground and remove the mast base plate and then use a pvc pipe to feed the line. You can 1/2" and 3/4" diam. PVC piping for next to nothing and it is very easy push a messenger line ip the mast. I like using PVC since it is easy to screw the connections togther and be able to store the pusher for future use. Before you feed the tube in make sure you the other internal halyards are pulled tight and in thier normal positions. Position the mast with the right part of the mast facing down so that the tube passes through the mast exactly where you want it with a clean lead past spreaders and other obstructions.

There are a number or ways to pull the halyard through but the easiest is to put a looped pig tail of 1/8" line on the end of the pipe so that you can hook that with a hanger and pull it out of the mast. Stitch the end of the halyard on the pigtail and pill it down through the mast. Stop when you get to the exit box and fish the pigtail out. The other way is to tape a messenger line to the pipe and pull it to the top of teh mast and then fish it out.


Headman 06-20-2001 11:32 AM

Resheaving Main Halyard
Something else you might try before lowering the mast is a round lead weight on some fishing line. Drop it down and pull the line up. Lean the boat to the side where the halyard exits, and pull all other halyards taunt. When you tape the new halyard to the fishing line, taper it out quite a ways and lubricate the tape with dish soap. This works nine out of ten times.
Tom S.

Leon-T 06-21-2001 09:24 AM

Resheaving Main Halyard
Thanks, Tom. I really didn''t want to unstep the mast.

One variation I think I''ll try: instead of taping the halyard to the fishing line, you can get a more secure connection by using a leader clip at the other end of the fishing line to connect to a sewn loop in the main halyard. You can then drop the fishing line down and pull the main halyard up without tape or soap (I think soap would be messy from the bosun chair).

Thanks again.

Headman 06-23-2001 06:58 PM

Resheaving Main Halyard
Well, did it work?
Tom S.

Leon-T 07-02-2001 06:54 AM

Resheaving Main Halyard
We crimped a lead weight onto fishing line, then whipped the fishing line onto a messenger line at 3 places (due to the slippery nature of the fishing line). We then sewed the other end of the messenger line onto the halyard, and sent everything down. Worked like a champ.

scottcallahan 07-16-2001 04:13 PM

Resheaving Main Halyard
i would use hi test twine and put a teardrop sinker on the end and just toss the sinker over the shiv let it drop down the mast. tie the sheet to the end WITHOUT the sinker on it . then tape up the joint so that it does not snag. then fish out the weight from the bottom and start pulling slowly and gently.

scottcallahan 07-16-2001 04:15 PM

Resheaving Main Halyard
oh well i guess i was too late

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