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holdon 07-21-2001 07:59 AM

product called ''''New Glass''''
I''ve heard conflicting views on this product.It''s an easier alternative to waxing your hull but I''ve heard a couple of very negative comments about it. Has anybody experienced any long term problems with the product?

Leon-T 07-23-2001 04:16 AM

product called ''''New Glass''''
I first learned about NewGlass 2 when it was highly recommended to me by sailors I trust, they said they never had problems with it. I bought a 1977 boat this spring, and the topsides were chalky. After 4-5 applications, they look great!

Make sure the gelcoat is clean before you apply it, and apply a coat or 2 every season after that.

Curious to hear what were the supposed problems. You could probably get more info at their web page:

hamiam 07-23-2001 06:37 AM

product called ''''New Glass''''
I used a product called Poliglow on my hull and the vertical surfaces of the dog house of my 35'' sailboat with good results. It is, however, nothing like a wax. In fact it is much more like a clear coat of paint and must be applied with great care and even-ness. As with paint, you must prepare the surface carefully using the product(s) in the kit. This does NOT include using any sort of rubbing compound. Good luck.

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