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MBesant 07-11-2006 09:09 AM

Oil Drain Universal M18
New to me boat. Was pleased to see that the diesel had an oil drain hose. Got ready for first oil change; pan on cabin floor, oil absorbent sheet, new filter ready, ran engine to warm oil.
Then lowered the oil drain hose and unscrewed the plug
The question: Is there some sort of petcock on the oilpan that needs to be loosened to get the old oil to flow. Didn't feel like exploring under the hot engine, so closed it up and will use a dipstick pump today.
But would like to learn how to use the oil drain hose because it should do a better job of removing sludge from the pan
Thanks for the help
Marty ad Peggy Besant
Newport 30
Buffalo, NY

SailinJay 07-11-2006 12:13 PM

Have to Pump it Out
If the drain hose you are referring to is on the bottom left side of the engine, as you face it in the cabin, then you have to buy some type of pump to get the oil out; the drain hose is actually higher than the oil pan at the bottom of the engine and it will not flow out on its own. I have a Universal M35B on my boat and the oil can be removed either from the opening where the dipstick goes or from the drain hose. I've done it both ways and the drain hose is the better of the two.

I first bought a West Marine Oil-Vac Oil Change Pump, which worked OK once but thereafter I was not happy with. I bought a Tempo product at West Marine called the The Oil Boy Fluid Extractor Kit and have been satisfied with its performance. It has a five-quart capacity. There are a number of this type of product in addition to the two I've mentioned.

The product provides directions but you basically insert a rigid plastic tube up into the drain hose as far as it will go, then connect the hose to the pump, then pump out the oil per the instructions.

sailingdog 07-11-2006 12:22 PM

BTW, Practical Sailor did a review/test of various oil removal systems awhile back. Might be worth looking at.

MBesant 07-12-2006 07:40 AM

Thanks Not exactly how the drain hose is plumbed. Comes directly from center of oil sump and can be unhooked and lowered to pan on cabin sole. Yard chief suggested that it might be plugged with gunk, so this time I also removed the filler cap to allow air to enter and ran a wire through the hose. About a quart oozed out very slowly. Oh well. At least the oil is half changed.

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