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Ericsson29 08-13-2001 07:37 PM

Atomic 4 Question
Looking for a service manual, any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

hgreen64 08-15-2001 10:24 AM

Atomic 4 Question
Thry this link to start

Martindk 08-25-2001 04:58 PM

Atomic 4 Question
Looking for starter for Atomic 4 it has a
prestolite MGB 4219 in it. If not a complete than maybe the armature or replacement type.

RobHoman 08-25-2001 05:18 PM

Atomic 4 Question
If you have the original starter...pull it and take it to an auto/electric place and have it rewound and reworked. I had my starter for my Perkins 4-108 rewound and reworked in less than 48 hours in Ft. Myers, FL. And it only cost me $78.00 and it works like a charm and they replaced the solenoid and painted it as well.

BenDaniels 08-27-2001 08:38 AM

Atomic 4 Question
My last boat which I had for twelve years had an Atomic 4. Most of the bolt-on parts were standard automotive items. Ditto for the starter. Removed it and carried it into the nearest supermarket-type auto parts store. Matched the bolt pattern with a model they sold, and merely checked the numbers and capacity. Took about six hours and it is still working fine now after seven years. The project would have taken less time except for having to cut a wrench in half in order to reach one pesky mounting bolt.

RichH 08-27-2001 09:11 AM

Atomic 4 Question
Marine electrical power components should be ignition protected to prevent them from being the ignition source (open spark) for an explosion or fire of the accumulated vapor thay may be in the bilge. Sure, standard automotive starters & solenoids will work and are real cheap in comparison to totally enclosed non-vented marine versions ... but non-ignition versions can make your boat go BOOOOOM. There''s a REAL difference (frame construction) between totally enclosed non-vented and vented automotive starters, etc.

BenDaniels 08-27-2001 12:32 PM

Atomic 4 Question
The starter that I installed from the auto parts store was non-vented, and nearly matched the original one installed in 1973. Perhaps I was too simplistic in my explanation, and I certainly do not want someone else to create an unsafe condition. These same Universal built motors were also used in a lot of land uses, primarily construction equipment where they were non-vented because of dust and dirt. Suitability for marine use, and somewhat enclosed compartments, is worth looking into, and I apologize for not mentioning that. Prstolite sure sounds automotive.

janaclek9 09-12-2001 01:40 PM

Atomic 4 Question

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