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pds 08-20-2001 06:30 PM

Is Vinyl Antifoul better over Epoxy Barrier Coat
I have recently stripped all the antifoul paint off my Irwin 34 (down to white gelcoat). I was planning on using standard barrier coat (Interlux Interprotect 2000E) then Trinidad Antifoul. A blister repair guy strongly recommended using an epoxy called Bars Rust as a barrier coat then apply Woolsey Vinylast while wet - suggesting Bars Rust was much more durable and the vinyl paint would adhear better to the epoxy. Once dry, he said he would then apply then the Trinidad. Can any one plse comment ??? ie..sound Ok??? The boat will be sailed in salt water.

JeffH 08-21-2001 03:06 AM

Is Vinyl Antifoul better over Epoxy Barrier Coat
Technically speaking, a properly formulated and properly applied epoxy barrier coat should have greater adhesion and better impermiability than the vinylester. Theoretically difference in impermiability is minute and insignificant.

Now then, when you talk about using a product named ''Bars Rust'' it was clearly intended for some other application. As a result, you have no way of knowing what its secondary bonding adhesion to fiberglass or impermiability actually is.

The other issue is the bottom paint being applied wet. That is an acceptable procedure for coal tar epoxies (used as barrier coats on cast iron keels.) Its not one that I recommend as you end up with a boat with a visibly rough textured bottom and one that as difficult to fair as the bottom paint bonds in the crevices.

Its amazing how each yard sees this whole barrier coat issue. The Interlux viylester barrier coat system is very highly regarded. The yard that works on my boat will only use WEST System epoxy below the waterline. I have been favoribly impressed with the description of the Lenox system:

I guess there is no one right answer but I think what is being proposed sounds like the wrong answer if it was my boat.


walt123 08-21-2001 02:22 PM

Is Vinyl Antifoul better over Epoxy Barrier Coat
The Bar Rust that was refered to is an Ameron-Devoe Epoxy Barrier coating [Bar Rust 235] that is used extensively on Ships. It is a very good product [personal experience] that according to the manufacture can be used on GRP. Here in the PNW we find Commerical Fishermen [GRP and Steel]using it and being satisfied. It is very hard when cured along with the other epoxy benefits. It costs about $45 a gallon and comes in various colours. Surface prep is as with any barrier coat job. Good Luck

pds 08-27-2001 12:27 PM

Is Vinyl Antifoul better over Epoxy Barrier Coat
Thank you Walt for your input. It was very helpfull. They actually called me, and after reviewing their material, I am going with their #400 barrier (formulated for grp), plus their vinyl hard antifoul, and then their ablative - ABC for added protection. All for less then 1/2 the cost of "main stream" retail products and with better performance.

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