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cusacktf1 09-07-2001 10:07 PM

Atomic-4 Hard to turn over
My atomic-4 is giving me real headaches. It will not turnover unless it is connected to the charger. I just bought a new starter battery and it seems to be fully charged. When I turn the key everything dims like it drawing an excessive number of amps. Does this sound like the starter is shot or a short or is the old A4 motor out warn and providing too much friction.

Any ideas or experience anyone has had will be greatly appreciated.

Yankee30 09-10-2001 10:28 PM

Atomic-4 Hard to turn over
Most likely you''ve got some resistance in your wiring from corrosion or a poor connection somewhere. Or maybe a problem with the starter or solenoid. The engine is not likely the problem.

contest31 09-27-2001 12:49 AM

Atomic-4 Hard to turn over
Hello, You may have already fixed your problem but...

1. Attach a jumper cable from the negative terminal of the battery to any part of the block. If your motor turns over freely, your ground cable is corroded.

2. Attach a jumper cable from the battery positive terminal to large terminal of your starter solenoid. If your engine turns over freely, your positive cable has corrosion somewhere.

3. Look closely at your starter solenoid.
Some models have a large cable that goes to the starter motor. You can also carefully touch the the positively attached cable in #2 above to this point. Essentially you are
wiring around the solenoid. Take care in this step as the motor should turn over. If this step works, I would suspect the solenoid.

Good Luck, John

dlahlers 10-15-2001 02:08 PM

Atomic-4 Hard to turn over
Could be excessive resistance in the ignition switch too. Would posibly make a clicking sound at the engine. If you verify your + & - battery leads are good, you jump the solonoid and the engine turns over (with boat wiring in place) its the switch.

frida 11-12-2001 09:03 PM

Atomic-4 Hard to turn over
My Atomic 4 (gasoline) will not start unless I spray the aif filter with starting fluid. This has not happened in 4 years (how long I''ve been in the boat). Any ideas as to why this is before I do a complete tune-up.

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