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RichardElliott 09-24-2001 08:45 AM

Mast Climbing
Mast climbing gear. Any experience with either "The Top Climber" from ATN, Inc. or "Mast Mate" from Rockland, ME?

clayton 09-25-2001 07:31 AM

Mast Climbing
I use a variation of the top climber. Rather than pay the $300 I purchased a pair of climber''s ascenders from EMS at $49 ea and used my own bosun''s chair. You''ll also need to create webbing straps for your feet and a caribiner clip. Works great-cost little. Be sure to use a safety line too!

hamiam 09-25-2001 11:01 AM

Mast Climbing
I agree with anon. No need to overpay for something that climbers have been using for years. This goes for bosun''s chairs as well; a climbing harness is a far safer and cheaper alternative.

carib99 10-09-2001 05:02 AM

Mast Climbing
I purchased the Top Climer from ATN. I''ve used it once and find it fairly easy to use. I purchased it from the "Factory" in Florida and watched the video and talked to the owner firs. You need a 7/16 halyard to climb or you have to hoist a 7/16 line. The key is to have tension in the line. The system is very comfortable.

RichardElliott 01-25-2002 08:11 AM

Mast Climbing
Hey, thanks for all your help. I watched this guy go up with a Top Climber at the Seattle Boat Show. I''m sure he saw the grin on my face! So, I am a proud new owner.

BigRed56 01-27-2002 04:03 AM

Mast Climbing
Ahoy climber, Iffin ye knew that in the beginning wat were the point of ye asking ye dim bulb? Was ye having second thoughts cause you developed a festering chafe on your arse? If you had a sound rig and the brains to keep it from fouling you wouldn''t need the silly thing. Does ye need a diving suit to to check yer props? Are ye sure you ain''t climbing the tree you been smoking? Avast there ye lubberly cur and climb up out of yer stupidity . Consider youself flogged. Big Red the pirate of Pine Island.

gershel 01-27-2002 03:57 PM

Mast Climbing
Hi, I bought one 2 years ago at the Miami Boat Show. One of the best things I''ve ever gotten for use on the boat.You never have to find someone to hoist you,and you can go up as many times as you have to. You made a good buy,regardless of what the Big Red Idiot has to say.He has never contributed anything useful,least of all,humor.

BigRed56 01-27-2002 05:31 PM

Mast Climbing
Ahoy , gershel, first ye ought to no better than to fire a broadside at me rigging without fair warning . Not that I mind yer inpertinance cause the likes of your kind always gets wots comming to him. da fact that ye have chosen the Pirate of Pine Island to pick a fight wit is proof of yer poor judgement. Why me point is I''d free climb any mast made and and if that make me a better man than most so what? As far as the original posters and your self appreciating comments about the product Are ye just plain nuts or what? How much money did you spend to make up for the obvious lack of strength and skill? As far as humor ye got the brains of an imbecile to think that I ain''t the funniest most entertaning sailor what ever lived. Rum or not. As far a contributing anything usefull ye wouldn''t know the difference it it hit you in yer addled head. I sir am real, I share who I am as a sailor and a person with the world and I am not afraid of critism because I know and am proud of who and what I am. Sailing is not a sport of the gentry and you sir are beneath my contempt for the fool that you are. All that said I am a Pirate and flogging the handicapped may be unpopular in polite company but I rather don''t care one wit. I enjoy it. But you know where I am and what I am. Avast ther ye be given no quarter and I be asking for none. Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.

Denr 01-28-2002 04:06 AM

Mast Climbing
You go pirate. Can''t we all just get along! What ever happened to the good old days where we bashed Benehuntalinas?

gershel 01-28-2002 01:17 PM

Mast Climbing
Hi, thanks for proving my point. Glad we agree on something.

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