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JT1019 09-08-2006 11:39 AM

Blue Sea Systems
I know many out there are doing the same thing I am; correcting all the problems and half-assed repairs that the pervious owners made to once beautiful sailboats. Usually this begins as just small things like a new wire here and there or maybe new calk however most small projects turn into complete rebuilds. For months, and sometimes years, we spend our weekends below decks cursing the last owner and screaming at the big boats who always seem to throw a wake right at the boat as you are detailing something. It's a pain but well worth it in the end!

I wanted to share a really good experience I just had with Blue Sea Systems. A little over 3 months ago I purchased a new power distribution panel for my Irwin 33. To make a long story short, I just got it fully powered up last weekend. (amazing how someone who called himself a sailor would use HOUSE wiring and lamp cord on a sailboat). Anyways, one of the backlights did not light up. I was disappointed but what the hell, I now had AC and DC power and life is too short to worry about one LED.

Today I called to find out if I could fix the part myself. It's not that I need it to glow at night but it stands out to me and I think it will look better if it worked. I figure for what I spent on the thing I want it lit up like a Christmas tree so everyone I know can be impressed that I managed not to burn my boat into Davy Jones Locker. After a two minute conversation Blue Sea Systems said they are shipping me a new part for free without any questions. They told me everything I need to know to put the part in (should take less then 3min) and told me to “toss the old overboard”. They apologized and were truly concerned with my problem.

Customer service is everything to me and I have never had such a good experience with an electrical engineer in my life. I not only recommend Blue Sea Systems for the customer service but the product is top of the line and comes fully pre-wired! Spend the money and buy the best, it’s worth it!

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