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dlgknight 09-11-2006 03:09 PM

HELP! Leaking Centerboard Trunk
Hi, i recently purchased a 1941 18ft Dunphy Condor, wood framed with fiberglass, in need of some restoration. After a lot of refinishing on the interior wood, we finally put it in the water last weekend. Within minutes there was over 6 inches of water in the bottom. i found the source... there was a steady stream of water pouring out of the centerboard turnk about 3 inches up from the floor planking. After pulling it out of the water and getting it home, i found that there was actually a 2 inch long by half an inch high strip of wood gone. I began picking at the wood around it to find out that much of it was rotten. After a while i had actually removed a section of wood about 15inches long by 5 inches high :eek: .... behind the wood is a thin layer of of fiberglass. There were actually two very small(about half the diameter of a dime) sized holes in the fiberglass, about 4 inches below where the water was actually coming out of the wood....
My first question is, what method of repair would you recommend? If i apply a resin and fiberglass patch to the fiberglass, and then put a wood patch in what i took out, do you think that will stop the leak, or do you think there are other such holes and it will simply find another way out of the wood?
Secondly, there is no centerboard gasket on the bottom. Do you think putting one on would help this situation at all? And if so, where could i get one?? i'm in the middle of iowa, with no marine stores around me at all......
And lastly, and completly seperate from the above problem, the deck is seperating from the hull. What would you recommend for repairing it?
Thank you all for your time. If pictures would help anyone i can easily get some.

sailingdog 09-11-2006 04:44 PM

Ummm...if the deck is separating from the hull, it is far more than just in need of a bit of is in need of a full blown re-build. I hope you didn't pay too much for the boat... as it sounds like it is in really sad shape. You're going to have to find any holes through the laminate that expose the wood and fix them. If not, the boat's wooden frame will rot out fairly quickly.

Sialia 09-11-2006 04:55 PM

Hi David,

Pictures will definitely help. I interpret from what you have written that the problem is a leak at the centerboard trunk due to rotten wood. I am not so clear about the presence of fiberglass and resin behind the wood. My guess is that this was used as a patch when the leak initially showed up.

You will want to remove ALL rotten wood. The best repair method would entail replacing the section of the trunk that incorporated the dry rot. Fiberglass and resin will not adhere to bad wood. If you have moderate woodworking skills, this should not be a huge job. When we see the pictures, the group will have a better idea of what you're facing and will probably have some great suggestions.


dlgknight 09-12-2006 11:58 AM

Thank you for your reply. The 'fiberglass' that is behind the wood appears to go all the way form top to bottom(i can see it when i take the centerboard trunk top off and look down) and is on both sides.(removed some rotten wood form the other side while i was at it.) I believe i've removed all the rotten wood, (went out in a circle with a hammer and wood chisel till i hit hard wood on all sides...) My intention was to put a layer of resin and fiberglass on top of the 'fiberglass' backing that was already there, and then replace the wood that i took out. My other thought was to just replace the whole bottom board, but as you'll see in the photos, there are lag bolts coming up from the bottom, and being that they are inside the fiberglass on the bottom, i have no idea how i would get them out to replace the bottom board....
Also, i was wondering if anyone would have any recommendations on how to get the wood dried out quicker. The sooner i ould get this repair done the better, so i can get it back out on the water to see if it holds up, or if i have more work to do.
towards the bottom of the second image you will see two gery areas. The grey area is the steel centerboard behind the 'fiberglass'

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