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sharkbait 11-25-2006 05:41 PM


capn_dave 11-26-2006 09:02 AM

Believe it or not
There is a guy in our that is going to install a pair of them as we speak. The reason for to is as of this writing there is not enough power for one unit to propell his boat properly. Also they have to be mounted on the side of the hull rather than midship. He is working with the mfg. and he is making fairings in the hull for them.
I will keep you posted as the project goes on. I have touched them as they have been here for about two weeks.

Fair Winds
Cap'n Dave

deckhanddave 11-27-2006 12:29 AM

looks interesting. I love the idea of doing away with both a 350 lb noisy, smelly engine, and a potentially explosive fuel source. My only issue with electric auxilary is the lack of emergency power and the "feeding" of such a large bank of cells. Yes it could charge itself when not in use, but 3-4 hours of emergency power? Hope I'm not trying to beat off a shore... I look forward to the day that either photo cells make a huge leap in efficiency or batteries dramatically increase in capacity/decrease in size. Who's doing the install?

sharkbait 11-27-2006 07:37 AM


JouvertSpirit 12-24-2006 12:52 PM

Is there any feedback on this unit from actual use? I'm about to repower with a Yanmar and this just perked my curiosity. I have not looked at the technical details, but I would imagine a large battery bank would be required. I like the no shaft/stuffing box... Plus it would free up a huge area where the fuel tank and engine are located for something else (batteries?).

mjname 12-24-2006 11:09 PM

I'm currently installing an electric motor in my columbia 29. I just pulled out the Atomic 4, nothing more will happen till after January. I'm part of a beta system for Electric Yacht systems. So basically I will fasten the electric engine through the reduction mounting unit rigt on the exsisting propeller shaft. I will put in a bank of batteries creating a 48vDC system and use wind and regan (3 blade prop turning the engine charging the battery under sail or during tidal flow) to charge the bank.

The electric motor and battery bank will weigh about the same as the A4 and Gas. However no smelly gas and the batteries can stow closer to mid ship, and lower. The engine compartment can be redesigned to accomodate additional storage that wouldn't be possible with a gasser. Also my gas tank was in the transom and now I can put the life jacket and spiniker and storm sails in there and actually have less weight in the transom.

This type of system usually yeilds about 2.5 hours at 5 knots, 4 hours at 4 knots and all day at 3knots. If you use a deisel genset mounted on the cabin or in the engine compartment next to the electric motor, you can run unlimited. This of course is known as a Deisel electric which is used by the big cruise ships and locomotives... it is more energy effieceint than a straight gas or deisel engine, thats why they use it. Also lighter and more versatile.

I will be using straight electric and when I run out of fuel (batery charge) the tidal flow, wind and the sun will recharge me. I hear a lot of people who talk about dramatic emergency situations such as beating off a lea shore and every other thing imaginable... my old gasser has left me stranded a mile out from port with no wind... and I've heard a lot more horror stories from broken impellers and water in the line to make me think pay attention to the nay sayers. Besides I have a sail boat and people have sailed them for centuries without any type of auxilary power at all.

JouvertSpirit 12-25-2006 07:56 PM


Thanks for the reply. I tend to agree with your thoughts on using the electric drive. One thing I consider to be a great advantage is to not have a drive shaft and stuffing box involved (but you apparently are still using the existing shaft).

With the motor mounted below the hull the only through hull needed is for the feed wires which can be sealed completely. That is the reason I'm considering the RE-E-POWER system. I wish I could find some competitors.

Removing my diesel engine and tank will free up a lot of room.

The only thing that makes me slightly hesitant is that there are not many people that have done this.

mjname 12-25-2006 09:50 PM


Have you checked out any of the electric boat forums on I belong to a couple and I think there might be some posts in the archeive about re-power. The groups name is ElectricBoats and I think you can subscribe by sending an email to:

I hope someone can give you real first hand experience information.

I like keeping my thru haul setup but give me a few years and who knows what I will prefer. :)

The only thing I know for sure is the farthest I get away from petrol and actually owning my power, the happier I am.


ebs001 12-26-2006 08:02 AM

. This of course is known as a Deisel electric which is used by the big cruise ships and locomotives... it is more energy effieceint than a straight gas or deisel engine, thats why they use it. Also lighter and more versatile.

I may have missed the change in the laws of physics but before the change this was impossible - use a diesel convert that power to mechanical to drive the boat verses use the diesel to convert to mechanical power to convert to electrical power to convert to mechanical power to drive the boat and have no loss of energy each time you convert. The only way you can save on energy costs is to get "free" energy from wind (includes sailing) and/or solar.

mjname 12-26-2006 09:13 AM

Actually you didn't miss the change in the laws of physics, they haven't changed. Your not just taking into account all the variables, ie laws not law. The big killer is the loss of energy in the the transmission. The getting rid of the gear ratio of having to use a transmission makes electric -diesel far more effeicent. Don't take my word for it... money speaks louder than anything I can say and the the cruise ship and locomotive industry spends billions on these setups. Their more effieceint that's why they use them.

It's eassier to make electric current than to make brut force, and electric current is real effeiceint in driving a motor. A 8 hp motor will spin the shaft at the force of 8hp consistantly at 1rpm or 3000, a 30 HP gas engine will have to be at it's top rated rpm usually 3500 before it reaches it's hp out put of 30hp.

For a really long and winded article on the efficiency of Deisel-electric systems

I actually thought about a deisel electric and to run the deisel on waste vegtable oil... but it just seemed like such a hassle and a wind generator would be better for my needs.

PS Haven't you noticed the Hybrids on the streets? Their fuel effiecentcy isn't just from regan (breaking).

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