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BigBoatSailor 12-09-2006 09:21 PM

Merriman Yacht Systems Pedestal Steering
I'm in the process of changing throttle and Shift cables in a 1986 Hunter 34 with a Yacht Systems pedestal steering. The cable clamps are not set up like Edson. The trans shift is mounted to a separate cable holder on the port side and it easy to get out. The throttle cable is clamped almost 7 inches below the steering wheel shaft like Edson. The problem is that you can't see the clamp. I can back off the screw and loosen the clamp enough to eaisly move the Teleflex Morse cable up and down.

Problem: I don't have the stones to totally unscrew it for fear the clamp will fall down the tube. One yard maintenance guy believes it's a one piece clamp and when the screw is tightened, it draws the clamp against the inside of the tube, capturing the cable between the clamp and the tube. My gut feel tells me the same thing.

Does anyone out there have a manual for this system which is either a 1985 or very early 1986 model? The boat was theoretically built in December 1985 but like a lot of date codes, it could just be the date they date coded it.

All I need to see is the page that shows how the clamp is configured. I have a "McGyver" solution to feeding a new cable down the tube without disassembling the entire pedestal steering gear but I have to see what this clamp looks like first.

If this works, I will take copious photos of this process and make up a PowerPoint presentation manual. Then I'll send it to anyone who needs it in the future.


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