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GaryT 01-07-2007 09:35 AM

Main traveler moved to cabin top
I have been looking for a Mistral 33 to purchase, and have found a possibility. However, the main traveler was moved (by a prior owner) from the cockpit (where it was designed to be) to the cabin roof. (The original cross support for the traveler is still in the cockpit, just forward of the helm.) I think this is fairly common with Mistral owners, and the new location certainly has advantages, including allowing a bimini over the cockpit. However, the cabin top is separating from the bulk heads, and I believe that is probably the result of lateral strain from the main pulling on the traveler. (Moving the traveler forward, would obviously increase the leverage that the main boom exert -- increasing the pull on the traveler -- and the cabin top was probably not designed to withstand that kind of sideways pull.)

Q: Has anyone else experienced this problem, and what structural solutions have been found?
I love the boat, but want to assess the cost and effectiveness of a solution before deciding whether to buy.


mike dryver 01-07-2007 01:08 PM

your best bet would be to find a real good surveyor and ask that question. there is abviously a problem with the alteration as you stated because of the damage already showing. you can/could get a-hold of Bob Perry and for a fee he would be able to tell you if you can beef up the coach top location to be able to take the strain of the traveller attachment point. or just put it back where it was and have to figure a different setup for a bimini

SVDistantStar 01-08-2007 04:14 PM

Ive got the same thing on my Pearson 36, just without the bulkhead problem. Mine was moved from the cockpit to the cabin roof. The problem with its new location is I can't install a dodger with its location. I've thought about moving it forward a few inches. One of the biggest problems with its location is its right over the hatch to enter the boat. That beam doesnt feel good when you wack your head on it. Im posting the best picture ive got of its location.

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