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orionatc 12-12-2001 04:28 PM

Part for HOOD SEA Furl II
I need an older style Norseman fitting "cone" for the HOOD SEA Furl II to fit W32 head stay. I have to replace the head stay as it has been twisted somewhere along the line. The rigger at Zahnisers can''t lay his hands on one. Thought this may be may a source. He tried a place that deals in older rig stuff called RIG Right. Let me know if you have a source. Norseman doesn''t carry them any longer and neither does Hood.
Seems a shame to replace the furler for a $20 part. I''d pay $$ to get
my hands on one. I can''t believe that someone doesn''t make replacements as there are millions of the Norseman fittings to be reused and thousands of the Hood furlers.

Let me know if you have a source and I can confirm the wire size and such. The Hood part number is H 3129-04

Thanks much.

Jeff_H 12-13-2001 03:12 AM

Part for HOOD SEA Furl II
If Hood could not send you to a source, I am not sure that this will help, but at one time the Hood furlers were actually manufactured by Schaefer and were twins with the Schaefer except for the labeling. You might try Schaefer on the off chance they have this on their shelves.

SHIMSHON 12-13-2001 04:44 AM

Part for HOOD SEA Furl II
Try Robinhood Marina, 1-800-443-3625. They have replaced several Hood furlers in the last two years and they may have salvaged some of the parts.

briantimmins 12-31-2001 01:20 PM

Part for HOOD SEA Furl II
Try these guys. I''m sure they can work out your problem one way or another.

dancamp 10-27-2008 09:38 AM

did you ever find a supplier?
I've got the same hood system on my boat and I also need to find the same cone you are are looking for along with the bearings for the drum and halyard swivel. Have you found a suppler for this system anywhere on planet earth?
Thank you

sander06 10-28-2008 05:26 AM

The original post is almost 7-years old. Might need to open a fresh thread.

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