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trodzen 01-25-2007 05:11 PM

zinc for flex-o-fold prop
Anyone know if the zincs for the flex-o-fold props are available at a reasonable price anywhere online? I plan on making a trip to the Marblehead MA flex-o-fold dealer but I hate making the special trip and spending $50 on a piece of zinc.

Its half-oval design is probably made so it's hard to get anywhere but direct from the dealer.


FrankLanger 01-25-2007 05:47 PM

I have a Varifold folding propeller, probably quite similar to yours, and checked with the company (which is located in England), and they indicated that a replacement zinc costs 45.00 and is available at several distributors in North America.

I spoke with the guy who does maintenance on my boat, and he indicated that it's not necessary to replace the folding prop zinc, as I already regularly replace the two zincs on my prop shaft. He says that protects the prop as well as the shaft, so to replace the prop zinc as well would be redundant. Fortunately, the two zincs that I place on the prop shaft are available locally and are really cheap. :D

Hope that helps.


trodzen 01-25-2007 05:56 PM

Thanks for the note, I think I will allow the prop zinc to stay on for a few years and only replace the shaft zincs regular. But since its out of the water now and wont be out for at least two years I guess I'm going to bite the bullet and dump $50 on a $5 item this time.


sailingdog 01-25-2007 07:23 PM

Considering that the prop shaft is solidly connected to the wouldn't be too surprising that the prop shaft zincs would work to protect the prop as well.

Fstbttms 01-26-2007 12:26 AM

Flex-O-Fold didn't design the prop to accept a zinc because it didn't need one. If there is a place for a zinc, it should have one installed.

Here is an online resource for Flex-O-Fold zincs:

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