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rpowell 12-28-2001 11:23 AM

Chart Plotter Installation
For Christmas my children gave me a Standard Horizon CP150 Chart Plotter. I was so excited that I read the owner''s manual start to finish. Now I''m anxious, because the installation instructions seem very general and my understanding of the wiring is very basic. My wife & I just purchased our first boat, a 1980 Irwin 30, that''s equipped with an Autohelm ST4000. I''d like to interface the GPS to the Autohelm. The CP150 instructions suggest that all one has to do is connect the right color of wires together... Can it be that simple?

thurston 12-30-2001 05:55 AM

Chart Plotter Installation
Get your hands on the color code for wiring the ST4000(installation guide that came with unit). As long as the ST4000 is N.E.M.A. ready, that is the standard communication interface between differant manufacturers components, it should work. Installing the chartplotter at the pedastal site,with all wiring run as best as possible to standards, is the tough part.

kimberlite 12-30-2001 01:02 PM

Chart Plotter Installation
the seatalk cable has 3 wires black-ground, red-dc+, and yellow-seatalk.
i believe you can just hook the pilot up to dc and then the nmea+output to the yellow and the nmea-out negative to the black.
the autohelm nmea-seatalk junction box is just a terminal strip which i believe is not necessary in this application.

rpowell 12-31-2001 06:29 AM

Chart Plotter Installation
Where & how to mount the CP150 is also an issue for me. I''d like to mount it convenient to the helm, but not sure as to how. I''m also concerned about weather damage and theft if located in the cockpit. Any ideas?

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