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chuck711 02-12-2007 09:06 PM

Removing Thru Hull Transducer
What are some suggestions on removing a Depth Sounder Thru Hull Transducer? Its been in for 20 years......... Help!!

rpenner 02-12-2007 10:29 PM

Removing Thru Hull Transducer
Fairly easy task. I just replaced the transducer on my 76 C&C 30 last spring. Because there was limited access from the inside, I had to do everything from the exterior. I drilled a pilot hole completely thru the face and followed it with a 1 3/8 inch forstner bit. Then, using a saw blade I made several vertical cuts in the remaining wall of the transducer. Be careful not to cut thru the eall and into the glass. With the help of a narrow chisel and some prying, it came out in several pieces. I was fortunate that the primary bond was between the flange and the hull vs along the entire length of the threaded shaft.
Good luck,

SailorMitch 02-12-2007 11:45 PM

If you have access from the inside, it could be pretty easy. This is how I removed a transducer that had been in place about 16 years. Unscrew the retaining ring on the inside, and push it as far up the cable as you can. Then, I just stepped on the transducer and stood on it. My tonnage popped it right out. The caulk holding it in place wasn't up to the pressure!

Assuming you are replacing it with a new one, cut the cable off the old transducer and use the old cable as the pull cord for the new one. May take some doing to pill it all the way through because you will be pulling the connector end of the new one (wider than the cable itself.) So you may have to work it around some corners and such but it's fairly easy.

Oh yeah, it you are putting a new transducer in, remember to pull all the cable through the new retaining ring on the inside of the boat so that the ring is in proper position to screw onto the transducer itself. And do that BEFORE you start pulling the cable through the boat. Don't ask me why that is an important step. :)

Gary M 02-13-2007 09:19 AM

You should also make sure that the hull core is sealed. If it has balsa coring you probably should dig it out around the opening and seal it with epoxy. If it is solid glass you should at least make sure it is sealed will an epoxy water barrier paint.

I replaced both a speedo and depth thru hull last spring in a 20 year old boat. It had balsa coring and the original manufacturer had sealed it with epoxy paint. I tested it for mositure and it was dry so I just put a couple more coats of Interlux 2000 and then installed the through hulls with proper caulking.

sailingdog 02-13-2007 03:13 PM

SailorMitch sounds like he learned something the hard way... ;)

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