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sjacovino 01-04-2002 10:01 AM

Hard to Open Sliding Hatch
Does anyone know what the recommended material is for siding hatch tracks ? The sliding hatch into my aft cabin is hard to open and close due to cracks in what looks like a plastic batten that the outward turned flange of the hatch rides on. This is capped with a teak strip that holds the hatch in place. I was thinking of cutting a strip of lexan to replace it. Is there a better choice for a smooth operation?


RichH 01-04-2002 11:15 AM

Hard to Open Sliding Hatch
UHDPU : Polyurethane - same sutff used on snow ski bottoms.
Try taking out the ones that are there and simply turn them over.

halyardz 01-05-2002 02:14 AM

Hard to Open Sliding Hatch
Steve, I have a similar problem on the main hatch of my Tartan. I removed the teak cap rails and examined everything, lubed it and replaced the teak. Moves easier but emits a loud squeel...good to waken the crew. The previous owner had put in felt tabs to ease the travel of the hatch but it seemed to me that it also compromised the water integrity of the hatch so I removed them.

paulk 01-05-2002 12:40 PM

Hard to Open Sliding Hatch
A word of caution with UHPDU, or whatever that white plastic stuff is. We replaced our broken hatch slides with routed u-shaped channels on both sides and have watched the stuff crack and chip continuously since we installed it. (People lean an elbow on it when they stand in the companionway, and it cracks.) It may not like UV rays, either. It now needs re-doing, less than 3 seasons later. This is a hassle, since it involves removing and rebedding the hatch cover. We are switching to stainless channels. If they squeak against the fiberglass hatch we''ll insert flat plastic slider strips on the underside of the hatch,(out of the sun, supported its entire length by the hatch so there''s nothing to lever against, and simply glued in place) or maybe just squirt some WD-40 or soap in there.

sjacovino 01-05-2002 02:00 PM

Hard to Open Sliding Hatch
Thanks for all the suggestions. Turning over the same ones is not an option since they are cracked all the way through and once the screws are removed will be several pieces. Polyurethane sounds like the best and cheapest short term solution. Someone at the local boatyard suggested brass strips. More expensive but will last. I''m just a bit worried about wear of the fiberglass hatch flange riding on brass.

Does anyone know where polyurethane stock can be purchased ?


FrankDowney 02-13-2002 05:07 PM

Hard to Open Sliding Hatch

There is a white plastic board material called Star Board. Catchy name, huh? You can purchase it thru West Marine and probably others. It apparently comes in various sizes and can be sawn, drilled glued and sanded luke lumber. It reportedly has great UV resistance and would be, I think make terrific replacement slides for you hatch.

Good Luck

Snap 02-13-2002 07:29 PM

Hard to Open Sliding Hatch
Starboard is a wonderful material but requires a special glue; nothing else will adhere to it. It does seem virtually indestructible.

Our hatch cover rests upon brass tangs screwed to the under side of the hatch and closely fitted into brass U shaped tracks recessed into the sides of the companionway. Likewise the vertical edges of the drop boards are encased in brass and slide in similar but larger U shaped tracks and both slide with ease although sometimes a bit noisy. They show little or no wear after 30 years. Speaks well of the brass recommendation from your yard.

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