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joseph53p 01-18-2002 07:53 AM

choice of nonskid paint
I am repainting the deck of my 37 ft. sloop, and I need to choose a paintable nonskid surface. I would appreciate any suggestions, experiences etc. with Interlux microspheres vs. sand vs. whatever else works.

Thanks, Joe

EtherCat 01-18-2002 08:43 AM

choice of nonskid paint
the only experience I have applying nonskid paint was with Interlux poly and sand on a friend''s boat...
fine-grain concrete-mixing sand, added to the paint til it achieved an even graininess and was just starting to get ''sludgy''
worked well but he only had the boat one more season so I cant vouch for its longevity

ndsailor 01-18-2002 02:04 PM

choice of nonskid paint
I''ve used Interlux brightside and drizzled the sand used for ceiling texturing over the paint while still wet. Then after it dried, brushed off the excess sand and applied a second coat of brightside paint. The first coat looks like hell but the second coat looks perfect and the non-skid performance is great. I''ve tried mixing the sand into the paint and then applying but that leave ugly brush strokes....good luck.

paulk 01-18-2002 02:25 PM

choice of nonskid paint
We used Interlux 2part polyurethane and micro grit. It is holding up very well after 3 seasons. The only change I''d make would be to add the maximum recommended grit to the mix. We went with about 3/4 of the max, and the nonskid is adequate, but I''d like more.

Snap 01-18-2002 06:11 PM

choice of nonskid paint
We had the molded-in, non-skid deck pattern ground off our deck, had the deck faired and then painted with Awlgrip with Interlux micro-balloons mixed in. There were several sizes of the micro-balloons or micro-spheres available as I remember and the painter mixed various amounts of each and sprayed numerous test patterns so we could pick which we wanted. For the cockpit seats we picked a pattern with lots of small spheres (not too abrasive) and for the deck and sea hood we picked a mix that is agressively rough. One good point about the micro-balloons is that they seem to absorb the paint color so that when heavily scuffed they don''t show a scuff mark so readily. Also we didn''t choose to mix a flattener in with the non-skid paint assuming the micro-balloons would knock the shine off the gloss well enough. We used the same paint and color (actually base white) for the entire deck and the contrast came out beautifully. Also the painter used a cross-hatched pattern as he applied the several coats and apparently that was to achieve a more even pattern on the non-skid portion of the deck. He also used an electrically driven stirrer that kept the micro-balloons evenly mixed as he sprayed. I understand he did mix in a portion of high gloss clear with the paint for the gloss part of the deck but I don''t remember what proportions he used. Experiment with several mixtures before you commit to your final decision.

mikehoyt 01-25-2002 07:19 AM

choice of nonskid paint
I refinished my deck this fall using Interlux Interthane Plus 2 part epoxy. I had the smooth surfaces sprayed and rolled on the antiskid. We used the non-skid additive Interlux product (cannot remember the product number but there is only one).

The painters in the boatyard told me that this non-skid was the best looking non-skid additive they have yet seen. (of course tehy also told me that they preferred Awlgrip to Interthane Plus but that is a different story).

We also added a flattening agent to the non skid.

End result .... the anti skid portion of the deck are the best looking aspect of entire job. The overall job is Fabulous!

One note. The anti-skid had to be rolled twice since first coat was thin.


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