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snw 04-29-2007 04:13 AM

Head - electric conversion or new electric head
I am taking delivery of a new boat very soon and want to fit an electric head.
I know the boat comes with a standard Jabsco head and I would like advice as to which way is the best to go:
1) Jabsco Quiet Flush conversion Kit 37255-0092 OR
2) Jabsco Quiet Flush complete unit 37245-0092

The price seems very close within $50.
Obviously with this being a new boat I want to go for the least invasive option.

Any advice?

sailingdog 04-29-2007 06:22 AM

If you go with the complete unit, you can use the other parts for spares. Just curious as to why you want an electric head? From what I've seen, most electric heads are higher maintenance than the manual heads.

snw 04-29-2007 06:39 AM

On our previous boat my better half allways complianed about the manual head - she had to get me to help her flush it. Although after 3 years it did not have any odour as I was very dilligent!
Part of the deal for a new boat was the electric head.

sailingdog 04-29-2007 06:43 AM

Why not get a Lavac head instead. Even the manual flush version is simpler to use than a traditional manual head. It is also far more reliable. If you're going to replacing the head anyways, I would go for the one that is going to be the least maintenance in the long run. Granted, installing a Lavac is a bit more invasive an operation, but IMHO, it would be worth doing.

snw 04-29-2007 06:53 AM

Thanks for the tip. I will look into the Lavac. I don't know if they are available here in Australia. I have only had experience with the Jabsco thus far and as I have inferred it sometimes takes some encoragement to prime.
As this is a new boat I am concerned with the invasiveness of the procedure as the local dealer will do the install.
The builder would not fit any one other than the standard Jabsco with the order.

sailingdog 04-29-2007 07:07 AM

From another marine head thread today:


Originally Posted by TrueBlue
Eventually ntheyer, all seasoned boaters dream of owning a Lavac. This epiphany typically occurs just after the Jabsco piston pump clogs, valve sticks or seals leak, miles from shore when sailing to your long awaited vacation destination.


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