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caseyrunning 02-06-2002 06:42 AM

aluminium extrusions
I need a mast, two in fact, for my 57'' ketch one option is buying aluminium extrusions and building them - any info on where to buy and shiping cost, methods etc. would help me a lot. Joe Casey in Washington DC area.

Jeff_H 02-06-2002 06:13 PM

aluminium extrusions
Hi Joe,

There are two spar section companies that I have dealt with in the past. Dwyer and Kenyon spars.

There are several excellent rigging and spar fabricators in Annapolis. Ihave used Chesapeake Rigging and I have been very impressed with Atlantic rigging as well.


miahmouse 02-28-2002 10:42 AM

aluminium extrusions
Getting the blank extrusions could definitely be cheaper. Some of the hardest parts are: cutting the exits + ends so that everything looks good. Everything else is just a lot of pop riveting, through bolting and measuring. You generally pick a mast section (let the pro''s do this) and that section will have a set of items to go with it (spreaders, goosenecks, mastheads) some places like metalmast actually weld everything together and produce an incredibly clean looking product. Chesapeake rigging is a good source for your location. Shipping costs can get up there in a hurry($200 for a 14''boom from charleston SC to Hampton VA) so if you can figure out a way to pick it up yourself (motor up to annapolis) you''ll save a good deal of $$$. Their usually shipped on trucks.

billkirk 02-28-2002 12:04 PM

aluminium extrusions
SailNet, the host of this message board has an in house spar and metal fabrication shop. They''d probably sell you the bare extrusion if you wanted to go that way. Talk to Jack Corey or check out the link,

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