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barefootsailing 02-08-2002 05:45 PM

Bulkhead/genoa screws/chainplate fixes
I just purchased a 1986 Catalina 27 Tall rig. It surveryed well except for three items, I recieved a good "discount" off the asking price because of these items. I was going to have the Marina do the repairs, but I just found out I''m being furloughed from my Job in March. I guess I''ll have plenty of time to work on it and would like to save the money. I''m very patient and want to good a good/quality job. The three items are"
1: Several genoa track screws are leaking (surveyor says very low moisture on his meter, but they are beginning to leak)

2: Port and Starboard Upper Chainplates are beginning to leak (also very low moisture on his meter)

3: The bulkhead between the head and V-Berth has rot in a section 2 inches high by 18 inches wide (at the floor). He recommended cutting out this section and replacing. How do I bond the new marine plywood to the cutout section.
Thanks for your time
s/v Barefoot

paulk 02-09-2002 02:55 AM

Bulkhead/genoa screws/chainplate fixes
Sounds like your genoa track screws need to be rebedded and the chainplates re-gooped as well. For the bulkhead, your best bet will be a good book on boat repairs, possibly Gougeon''s or something similar. A single diagram in a book will be clearer than perhaps 10 postings.

JEFryar 02-10-2002 12:46 PM

Bulkhead/genoa screws/chainplate fixes
A few questions. Are they screws or through bolts on the Gen track? What is the evidence of leaks? Same questions on the chainplates.
I would remove both Gen tracks and the chainplates examine for water intrusion at every hole in the deck. Only then would I be comfortable with a low moisture reading.
As far as the bulkhead, remove and repair BUT also find out what is causing the water intrusion and repair it.
Best of luck. JEF

davidk 02-11-2002 07:28 AM

Bulkhead/genoa screws/chainplate fixes
Iagree with rebedding --- use silica gel in all deck fittings.

On your bulkhead ... indeed what caused it? ... (likely leaking gaskets in your heads pump?). But for the repair using a two part epoxy glue will simply allow you to insert a new piece to fill your cut out area and will add not subtract strength. Just enjoy the versatility of epoxy!

barefootsailing 02-12-2002 02:24 PM

Bulkhead/genoa screws/chainplate fixes
Thankyou for all of your responses. I''ve done alot of research and talked to some friends. I like to get as much info as possible.
Genoa track: I''ll pull the track, clean out the damaged core, rebed it ( I came up with West Systems, epoxy 105, hardner 205, filler 406) then redrill and seal it up with Life Calk. Same story on the chainplates.
Bulkhead: It''s such a small section I''m thinking I''ll cut out the bad wood and a bit into the good wood. Shape the the new piece (marine grade plywood). I''ll seal it with West System epoxy and then "put the piece in the puzzle". I''ll epoxy the edges prior to fitting then epoxy the whole area with a rollor to hopefully make it one solid piece.

Any further suggestions, go for it.
s/v Barefoot

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