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geary126 06-06-2007 11:17 AM

Fricking Project Headache #2982B: GPS mount in Pedestal Guard
So, I sent Edson a note. For those of you who have been following the pathetic story, dream is to mount the GPS above the compas, on a custom shelf between the rails.

I thought I was going to drill into Pedestal to route gps / sounder cables, but they informed me that running wiring and or conduit through the pedestal is not recommended. Too much junk in trunk.

Question is, I think I need to drill a 3/4" into the rails...and then, into the cockpit sole. Bear in mind, the rail diameter is 1".

Why 3/4? Well, Garmin, in their $$%$^^ wisdom, has attached wide fittings on both ends of the cable, and the transducer cable has about 20 pins that one cannot readily chop and re-solder. So I'm kinda screwed. 5/8", in test hole the other day, was not big enough.

Question is, two actually:

how do you find [buy] / install a rubber grommit on the edge of the rail hole, perhaps with a conduit of some sort, to guard against chafe (and provide weather proofing) between the rail and the GPS (approx 1 foot)

Second, I now have to drill a 3/4" hole in the cockpit sole, uncomfortably close to the two rail thru bolts. There's some sort of mediocre gasket system, looks like a block of rubber, that is in use now, but it's only preventing water from entering the two thru bolt holes.

Would you guys move forward with this plan...and how to prevent structural failure from this series of three holes on each rail...and waterproof the whole tamale at the same time?

Thanks, guys.


EscapadeCaliber40LRC 06-06-2007 12:37 PM

I think you need to cut the wire. Then you can drill hole to fit the cable diameter only. It would be smart to run the cable to a block below the sole. Where you could add a splicing line to extend cable to wherever you need to run it to. I did a similar thing to mount my Garmin unit above our compass, worked out fine. Hole diameter was pretty small, attach the cut end to a jumper block. On my Garmin, only a few of the internal wires were actually used.

T37Chef 06-06-2007 01:39 PM

I dont think it advisable to cut GPS wires, so I have been told, of course that was after I cut mine for similar reasons your having, but all is working far :)

stevemac00 06-06-2007 04:43 PM

Usually not a good idea to cut sounder transducer wire unless it's outputting NMEA (simple serial line). Check with Garmin if it's ok to cut transducer line. If not, in a previous boat I was able to run a RADAR wire up the pedestal using the pedestal hole at bottom. The connector was rectangular so I was able to cut off the boot and bring the connector out at an angle. Get a dremel to grind the sharp edges. Just wrap the wire good at the exit point.

Freesail99 06-06-2007 05:12 PM

Geary, Please take lots and lots of pictures as I need to do the same thing. :)

geary126 06-06-2007 07:32 PM

Yikes! I've sent an email to Garmin.

Maybe I should put the Garmin and Edson reps in a ring, and let them battle it out.

3/4 " Connectors on both ends. What a pain in the ass. Don't these guys live in the real world?

geary126 06-07-2007 10:00 AM

Anyone else cut their sounder cables? how tough was the soldering?

stevemac00 06-07-2007 02:06 PM

Some transducers must have a fixed cable length due to frequency electrical characteristics. You cannot shorten or even splice these cables without affecting the response. Your manual will tell you if you can cut or not. What model Garmin transducer? Some manufactuers say it will void warranty if cable is cut. Others say no problem. You can probably always cut and splice GPS cables with no harm.

geary126 06-07-2007 03:06 PM

Garmin 440s.

stevemac00 06-08-2007 09:51 AM

Page 42 has big caution that cutting the transducer cable will void the warranty. Look at page 49 of the manual. You should be able to install the large connector to the 400 case, there are now two wire coming out (transducer and NMEA/Power) which should fit through the pedestal. The transducer connector appears to be about 3/8 which would easily fit through a hole in the pedestal.

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