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joluke 02-17-2002 03:36 PM

Perkins 4108
My aging 4-108 only struggles to start in cold weather, often requiring 45 seconds of cranking in 15 second intervals to start. With a brief (1 second) shot of starting fluid the engine starts immediately, but clatters for about a second or two. Am I harming the engine doing this?

JEFryar 02-18-2002 05:36 AM

Perkins 4108
Never use starting fluids. They clean the cylinder walls of all lubrication and will cause damage to your engine. Check the glow plug/s, or whatever device heats the fuel.
Also use an additive to raise the cintane of the fuel and be sure you are buying winter formulated fuel.

kimberlite 02-18-2002 02:39 PM

Perkins 4108
i have seen a number of diesel mechanics use wd-40 as a starting fluid. i have tried it and it seems to work. this is not a solution to the problem but it will get your engine started.

joluke 02-21-2002 05:00 PM

Perkins 4108
Thanks guys, I checked with the local deisel shop and on their advice, got rid of the starting fluid. I keep a can of WD-40 around just in case. Noticed with the weather getting a little warmer last week, the engine started quickly.

navtron 02-23-2002 03:50 AM

Perkins 4108
May try a hair dryer on the air intake...if you got 110v from the dock... needs warm air to make it start easier in cold weather

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