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reddogleader 06-30-2007 09:24 PM

Looking to Rent Live Aboard Boat/Yacht Virginia
I am employed full time at a downtown law firm as well as a full time student in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. I am looking for a very short term live aboard boat or yacht to rent for 6 to 8 weeks through the end of August. I am willing to perform maintenance and or other upkeep chores during this time as well. I am a former police officer and responsible 39 year old male who's wife and kids are living on the West Coast until I complete my degree (August) and move back there. If desired I can provide references.

sailingdog 06-30-2007 10:45 PM


I seriously doubt that you will find any takers. For someone to rent out their boat would generally require that they have a commercial insurance policy, rather than a recreational policy, or risk voiding their policy as most recreational policies do not allow you to rent or charter your boat.

Most commercial policies are by charter companies, and chartering a boat for liveaboard use is going to be fairly expensive. It is far more profitable for them to do shorter charters and also far less risky in terms of wear and tear on the boat.

tommyt 07-01-2007 09:12 AM

I would agree with SD, this will be a tall bill to fill. The average DAILY on a 30-36' boat is going to be $400-600. $3000 for a week. That does not mean it is not possible, just that you are going to have a hard time finding it. The season, even in the Carolinas, is just so long, and you want the heart of it.

You might have better luck finding someone living aboard that is looking for a roommate to cover boat costs. All the usual roommate problems exist along with the fact that your apartment and stuff can move easily...albiet slowly.

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