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bmcald 03-05-2002 03:15 AM

Is it possible for an anchor to glide out from where its dropped in for a 5-1 scope? SAIL magazine''s New Gear section said that the Flook Anchor, an 11-pound pantograph (?) anchor does this, making it possible to set a second anchor or to kedge without moving the boat or launching the dinghy or walking it out, for that matter, I suppose. Its a bit pricey at $94, but sounds great, especially for those times when I run aground and can''t wait for the turn of the tide. Anyone have any experience with this?

DuaneIsing 03-06-2002 02:48 AM

Since no one else has responded, I''ll chime in here. If you are aground in 5 feet of water, are you saying that the anchor you drop/guide over the side will "glide" over 25 feet (ignoring the height of the freeboard on the scope formula)?

To me, that seems completely unbelievable, but I admit I have not researched the claims at all. I would be interested to hear more myself.


Jeff_H 03-06-2002 02:54 AM

That anchor sounds imposible to me. Anchors don''t glide through the water if they are weighted sufficiently to actually grab the bottom.


bmcald 03-06-2002 06:14 PM

I guess if it sounds too good to be true...

Wega24 03-15-2002 03:58 PM


send me one ! Preferably with remote control, so i can steer it to the prefered landing spot .....


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