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vardaman77 08-03-2007 04:00 PM

Electric Propulsion
Anybody have any thoughts on RE-E-Power Products? I have to replace the propulsion system on my VIC 26 and was considering this option. I will be lake sailing.

vardaman7 08-03-2007 10:49 PM

Guess not.

sailingdog 08-03-2007 11:16 PM

I wouldn't use it on a small boat, but YMMV. Also, it is currently a work in progress, so you may not get the performance or results that you would look for, and pay a premium for it in the process.

hellosailor 08-04-2007 11:53 AM

"Anybody have any thoughts on RE-E-Power Products? "
Sounds good on paper, and "azipods" are being used on ocean liners already. But just how durable this product is, and suitable for small craft?
You're going to have to be one of the pioneers. You know, the fellows sometimes seen walking around with arrows sticking out of their backs. I'd want them to give me a solid five-year warranty including haul and redo if the seals didn't hold up in this use.
I'm willing to gamble--but I'd want THEM to show a little more faith in the product, considering the light use it would get on a recreational sailboat. (I'm a hard customer.)

IIRC it's a reliable stainless steel seal in the motor...then again, I've seen "reliable" rotary seals in auto air conditioning compressors last twenty years--or 60 days. All supposedly the same quality. Qualioty control? Not my department.

vardaman7 08-05-2007 01:39 AM

What options would you consider to repower? (26', 4500 lb displacement), Originally was fitted with a 15 HP saildrive. Not interested in an outboard at all at his point, just don't look natural

hellosailor 08-05-2007 08:09 PM

Damfino. Ideally a rebuilt saildrive. 26' is about the limit for a deep shaft outboard (stock on the PEarson 26) and tolerable inshore or in not-too-rough water. Unless there was a full inboard option...your retrofit could be expensive, and the E-power a gamble.

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