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Urband 03-15-2002 06:22 PM

Question on Dual Batteries
I currently have a 24.5 ft S2 sloop with an outboard, I currently have one battery but would like to install a second one so that if I take an overnite cruise I will have plenty of juice for my return sail. I have purchased another main switch that has three positions, 1, 2 and both. Currently I have a battery charger that only charges one battery.

Can anyone share their knowledge about the best way to hook up a second battery the most efficiently. I understand I probably will also need a new battery charger that permits two banks to be charged. I am unsure of how to wire in the second battery and whaat other components I need to install (some type of diode)to prevent an inoportune battery drain.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Bruce Urband
Houston, Texas

Peter_pan 03-16-2002 06:45 AM

Question on Dual Batteries
Adding a second battery charger is not necessary. when you have the switch in the both position the charger will charge both batteries at the same time regardless of which battery you have it connected to. It will just take twice as long to reach full charge.
Save your money.

kimberlite 03-16-2002 03:06 PM

Question on Dual Batteries
what part of europe requires the vhf hooked up to a separate battery?

DuaneIsing 03-18-2002 02:30 AM

Question on Dual Batteries

You may wish to post your question as a new discussion about Boom Brakes or else it may get missed since it appears under a Batteries title.

Hope you get the answers you need.


mikehoyt 03-18-2002 08:35 AM

Question on Dual Batteries
I have two batteries and one charger as well. Rather than buy a charger built in to the boat I opted for the Guest Charge-Pro portable charger. It is a bit less money and amps than some other models but is still a 3 stage charger. The reason for this choice was to buy one that I could hook up to the batteries at home when they are out of the boat in off season.

On the boat I simply connect the alligator clips to the ground and to whichever battery lead connects to the battery I wish to charge. This eliminates the need to remove the battery box covers. Since the boat is on a finger pier with power I hook up the charger at the end of the weekend and disconnect it when sailing.

This is not an ideal permanent solution but works well on a small boat that does not have an inboard engine requiring a starting battery. I have never run either battery out even after crusising for a week at a time.


scnicklefritz 03-18-2002 01:06 PM

Question on Dual Batteries
urband, You might consider a combination charger/inverter. They can be a bit pricey, but it''s nice to have the ac circuit on a boat, away from the dock.

joshuaheard 04-05-2002 10:00 AM

Question on Dual Batteries
A single charger can charge two batteries if it has the capacity. Check the instructions on the charger. The charger I bought had capacity to charge two batteries. I hooked up the charger in front of the battery switch. I keep the switch on ''all'' so the charger is always charging both batteries. Usually the chargers have good installation instructions. If not, check the manufacturer''s web site.

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